Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Insert LUA error here; Addons, and how they help! - 102k


I love Wednesdays! I also love my new realm, compared to my old one it is like a haven of buyers fighting for my goods! I've never played on a full realm, i'm currently on a medium one. Yet within around 8 or so hours of only posting gems, enchants and tailoring PvP gear this is what I ended up with:

Sweeeeeet huh? I am loving it! I can't wait to level up my other alts and get some other items listed like flasks, potions and shoulder enchants. You may have noticed today my gold total hasn't gone up much, thats because I decided to splash out on some royal satchels for my new pimped out bank alt, and i've got to say.. a few thousand gold for a 28 slot bag is really useful when you have stacks of gems and enchants, you can never have enough room. (She's happy she got bags!)

Anyways, today after hearing a friend complain about how he had to click to buy a single arcane dust at a time, it made me realise how little some players know about addons! So I thought i'd give you guys a run through of the addons I personally use, and how they enhance my gold making experience! You don't have to be a gold maker to use these though, some of them benefit all players and can speed up your gameplay.


Ackis Recipe List - See what recipes you are missing: This addon has saved me so much time, now I no longer have to wowhead every recipe I miss to see where to get it. This addon, after scanning your profession, will list every recipe you haven't learned, where to get it and if you are eligible for it (aka if you have the reputation or not).

Altoholic - Allows you to view info about your alts: This addon is great because every time you hover over an item it will show you how many of them you have in total, as well as where they are E.G your guild bank, your alt, your mailbox, the auction house. If you, like me, want to make sure you have say 20 of each gem on your bank alt, when you log onto your jewelcrafter and hover over gems in your profession screen it will tell you how many are on your bank alt, so you can craft the right amount to get back to 20!

Auctionator - Simple buying and selling on the AH: What a time saver, if you search a term in it's auction house screen it will least the cheapest of each item, and how much there is of that item in total on the AH. Great if you get annoyed at the billions of confusing listings on the AH like I do. Also when you drop an item to sell, it automatically shows you all the other listings for that item, and generates a price for you.

Auditor - Tracks gold coming in and going out: I love this addon, it lets me know how much gold i've made and spent during the day in a simple format, no having to open interfaces and search for things. It also lists how you made your gold, whether via the AH or quests or looting mobs, or how much you have spent on repairs, as well as giving you a gold total for all of your alts combined. (See top of page for screenshot)

Bankstack - Does what it says on the tin: With a few simple keys held down it will sort your bank or guildbank for you, it's really neat for combining stacks and organising materials together if you have a lot of them.

Postal - Updated mailbox interface: I don't think I could live without this, it allows you to click "open all" on your mail, then it will automatically empty your mailbox and refresh itself to continue emptying! If you sell a lot of auctions it will save you hours of clicking expired auctions one by one. Very handy for generally emptying your mailbox, I'd advise all players to give it a go. You can even tell it not to open certain kinds of mail!

TradeSkillMaster or TSM - Allows you to customise your auction house: I cannot describe how glorious this addon is, if you are planning to make any large sum of gold I REALLY recommend it. It allows you to do multiple things depending on which subaddons you download for it. You can set up shopping lists; which scans the AH for a premade list of items you have made. You can set up dealfinding lists, it will list all items you have chosen if they are under the price you have specified (great for buying and relisting). You can even set up pricing lists for your auctions, and with a click of a button (and a scroll of your mouse) it will automatically post all your items, undercutting everyone on the AH, and making you some big bucks! It is an in depth addon though, not for the faint hearted. I will make my own post about it in the future but for now there are plenty for guides for it at


Those are the basic addons I use, and I recommend them all! I have used most of them for years and some only for months, but I'd be losing out without them. I hope some of them can help you like they helped me!

I just wanted to say a thanks to all my readers, I seem to be at a stable 80 views per day now and it's only day 4! If you enjoyed reading or have any suggestions, i'd love to hear from you via the comments! If my tips helped you and you think they could help someone else, feel free to share my blog with your friends, gold making doesn't have to be hard for them too!

- Raenboe


  1. Really enjoying your blog so far. I'm new to wow and currently have a lvl 85 paladin. It has mining and herbalism and I've basically just sold everything I can't use. I have artisan riding and everything below, I spent 2,700g on the guild mount and have spent about 500g on 85 greens to start on MOP levelling. At the time of posting this I have 12.5 k gold on my character and about 4k worth of auctions waiting to sell.

    Do you think that's any good so far and could you maybe offer some tips please?

    1. Hi there!

      Firstly a belated welcome to WoW :). Good strategy you've got going so far, a lot of new players struggle with buying flying. I think you are doing great. Well I can offer you tips but it depends on how much time you are willing to dedicate to gold.

      As of right now you look like you have enough gold to buy pretty much whatever you need (to a certain extent), if you want more then sure you can continue with your herbing and mining in the MoP areas, I would advise to most definitely keep them while leveling as the gathering grants lovely xp as well as items to sell, my friend went from 85->86.5 purely from gathering. However once you hit 90 I'd personally recommend dropping your herbalism and taking up jewelcrafting because at 90 you may find with dailies, LFR and raiding or whatever you plan to do, that you don't have as much time to farm or you are simply bored of it.

      Jewelcrafting is one of the, if not the highest in demand profession and you can make a few thousand gold per day from it. However, seeing as you are joining quite late into the expansion, and you can only discover one jewelcrafting recipe per day (unless you have infinite spirits of harmonies) so it may take you a few weeks of daily discoveries before you can start making good gold. If this doesn't appeal to you then you can stay with gathering :). If you are planning on leveling alts then it is a good idea to take up gathering professions on them, and drop them at 90 for a crafting profession. Also remember, BoE greens from MoP can sell for 500g, and blue 450 BoEs can sell for 2k, so don't vendor them!

    2. Thanks, i'm using the sell junk addon to vendor greys at the moment. They are the only thing that gets vendored. everything else goes in the AH. Having to relist things a couple of times but i'm not really fussed about that as long as they sell. You said to ditch herbalism for JC at 90. Is it worth keeping mining to level JC with or should i take something else and buy ores/bars from the AH?

    3. It depends on your realm really, on some realms low level ores/gems are really cheap, on others it can cost up to 25k to get JC to 600. For now I'd recommend keeping mining to level up your JC with, and when you feel stable with your JC then perhaps drop mining for something like enchanting which goes very well with JC.