Saturday, 18 May 2013

Jewelcrafting, my #1 profession!


So previously on my blog I mentioned lots of little bits and bobs about jewelcrafting and how I make money from it. Now I thought I'd go a bit more in depth and show you how to squeeze as much gold out of this profession as you possibly can. You can start rolling in the cash from as low as level 5, so don't be disheartened if you are new. Also I should mention that in some cases, you don't even need to be a jewelcrafter to make money, flipping some gems can pay off! Now where to start...

When picking professions on a character, it is often the case that two gathering professions (usually mining and herbalism) are much more profitable than crafting profession; at low level at least. This can be the case, however.. it can also be the biggest mistake you will ever make in your LIFE! Well, not really.. but you will miss out on a lot of gold and I will explain to you why.

Let me just state I sell EVERY Gem in stacks of 5! Just to get that out there.

Whaaaaaaaaaat? 250g for 5 gems? That aren't even from current content?! Yep, the gem market is busy and it wouldn't surprise me if most of you didn't know about it! Let us compare the first "tier" of all three gathering professions, and what the SECOND gather-able items sell for. These prices will not be the same on your server, but that shouldn't matter too much, you will understand later why I am comparing these.

Herbalism: Earthroot - 12g/stack
Skinning: Medium Leather - 60g/stack
Mining: Tin Ore - 22g/stack

Demand is what chooses the prices for these items, earthroot is practically useless where as medium leather and tin ore are both needed to level multiple (yes multiple, medium leather is used in other professions except leatherworking) professions. How would you feel if I told you, we could turn that that tin ore, could be raised from 22g/stack to up to 100g/stack? That would be neat for a low level huh? So let me show you how.

The above image is a list of what tin ore will prospect into. The addon Enchantrix is creating this list for me. There are three more common gems and three rarer gems. You will usually find these rarer gems are the common gems from the next ore up, in this case mithril ore will produce aquamarine, jade and citrine. The first gem on the list, Moss Agate, is commonly used for leveling jewelcrafting.. and as such, can be sold for up to 50g PER GEM on busy realms. And because a lot of people aren't bothering to prospect their ore, they just sell it in ore form or in bars, it means there is often a gap in the market, perfect to jump into! Lesser Moonstone is unfortunately not very useful, except for perhaps creating items to disenchant, but Shadowgem can sell for 10g each.

So let's do some math using the percentages we were given. You can get 1-2 gems per prospect (woo procs!) so you will end up with more than 1 gem per prospect. Let's say we do 100 prospects, that would require 500 tin ore. We would end up with 37.5 of each of the moss agate, lesser moonstone and shadowgem, as well as 4 of each aquamarine, jade and citrine. So let's calculate..

100 Prospects = 500 Tin Ore x 1.1g each = 550g --> So we have spent 550g on the ore.
37.5 Moss Agate x 27g each = 1012.5g
37.5 Lesser Moonstone x 0.9g each = 33.75g
37.5 Shadowgem x 7.5g each =  281.25g
4 Aquamarine x 15g each = 60g
4 Jade x 3g each = 12g
4 Citrine x 6g = 24g
Total = 1423.5g
Price different / Profit = 1423.5g - 550g =  873.5g --> That's an average of 35g profit per stack or 57g per stack if you farmed the ore.

So.. screw selling the unprospected ore! By refining the ore into gems, you are receiving more than double the money you would have if you sold the ore alone. Of course the gems may take longer to sell than the ore, but it's not like you need the gold straight away while you are leveling. If you are lucky enough to be on an extremely overpriced realm, you could have more than tripled your money!

Tin ore isn't the only ore this works with and as you can see you don't even have to mine the ore yourself, you can profit even by purchasing the ore! If you gathered the ore yourself, your profit margins would be bigger too. I recommend farming tin in Ashenvale, it is everywhere!

Let's try this again, but this time with Adamantite Ore. If you are going to farm this I would recommend Nagrand personally, but since cross realms came out it can be difficult to farm, so I usually buy it anytime it is under 100g per stack.

100 Prospects = 500 Adamantite Ore x 4.25g = 2125g --> Seems a lot, but don't worry!
100 Adamantite Powder x 42.8g = 4280g --> That has already paid for the ore and then some!
19 x Shadow Draenite x 37.8g = 718.2g
19 Blood Garnet x 37.8g = 718.2g
19 Flame Spessarite x 16.7g = 317.3g --> A horrible seller, never try to flip it.
19 Deep Peridot x 28.4g = 539.6g
19 Azure Moonstone x 37g = 703g
19 Golden Draenite x 15g = 285g
18 Blue Gems x 3g = 54g (I tend to vendor these gems because they never sell)
Total = 7615.3g
Price difference / Profit = 7615.3g - 2125g =  5490.3g --> That's an average of 220G profit per stack! Or 300g per stack if you farmed the ore yourself.

WhAAaaAaAt how come nobody ever told me about making gold like this? Well that's because people forget that low level materials are always in demand to players levelling their professions. And with more players leveling every day, not only are they buying materials, but they are also dumping their ore/herbs/leathers on the auction house for the cheaps, because they don't know their true value! (Below gems are in stacks of 5)

This prospecting can be done with all ores, I personally find tin and adamantite to be the best, but thorium and mithril are great too! I'd avoid iron and fel iron. Elementium and pyrite works alright, and of course ghost iron is great for mists of pandaria!

I assure you these gems do sell, I can make anywhere from 2-10k per DAY on them alone! Be sure to pay attention to the gems used for leveling and if you notice someone buying a lot of gems in a pattern stating they are leveling up, don't be afraid to jump into the action and flip the next tier of gems in preparation for their purchases!

I also recommend keeping an eye out on eternal earth, crystallized earth, black diamonds and adamantite/titanium bars to flip! They are all used for leveling.

To see the most popular gems used to level up jewelcrafting click here.
To see the profits for prospecting on your realm click here.

I apologise if the math is awfully off in this post, I am knackered and clicking on a calculator isn't my best skill!


So hi guys,

I know I've been gone for a week but I've been mulling over my whole WoW situation. The economy on chamber of aspects has shriveled up, I'm currently on a different realm doing this gem market. A lovely blog reader gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. He has given me 100k gold and access to all his professions, to see how much gold I can make in a month. Today is day 5 and things are going well, although I haven't emptied my mailbox of successful auctions.

My road to a million gold has sort of stalled, what with my guild disbanding and there not being any other weekend raiding guilds on CoA, I am stuck. I am torn between moving to a busy realm and focusing purely on gold, or moving to a new player realm to help new players (something I love to do!!). Moving 7 alts will be expensive though so it's not a decision I can take likely, as I will have to do it over a long period of time. As CoA has sort of died mysteriously, I feel that I will have to restart my goal to a million on a new server at some point, but for now I will just keep posting gold making methods and the money total in my post titles will disappear temporarily.

If you want to contact me, feel free to comment and I will always reply! You can also reach me @wealthyonwow (twitter) or at (email)! I love hearing from you guys, and the positive feedback has really given me something to smile about in the awful past 2 weeks I've had. I'd also like to give a special shout out to James for his generous donation! That will pay for a character transfer :) once I have decided where to go of course!

Thanks again everyone, I will be posting regularly again so stay tuned for some gold making magic!


  1. Good luck with whatever you decide to do as far as staying or moving servers, future raiding, and your new project :-)

    Just commenting to say... gave this a trial run - and hey, would ya look at that? Why was I selling copper and tin ore as is before? :P Jeweled Onyx Panther, here I come :-)

    1. I'm glad that it's working out for you :) good luck with your mount!

  2. Would you consider being a mentor to a new gold maker but long time player on a US server?

    1. I am on EU so I wouldn't be able to actually play on US but i'd be happy to direct you via skype.

  3. A quick question, how do you go about determining the gold value to multiply the gems by? Example: 19 Azure Moonstone x 37g = 703g. Where do you get the 37 from?

    1. I look at the current AH prices, the price that the majority of the item are at.

  4. Hello!
    I'm currently stuck on earning gold. I'm a jewelcrafter yet I cannot find a way to make it towards a profit, been trying several guides yet I just cannot succeed.
    If you'd like to mentor/show me some extra tips, please let me know a way of contacting you.

    1. You can email me at or contact me in-game :)

  5. hello seems like you know what your talking about i have a friend with jewelcrafting that can make a few thousands mabey more if hes lucky on it but me well i seem to never be able to sell my stuff would it be possible for you to help with some good tips or in some way show what i can do :)