Friday, 10 May 2013

[Q&A] - Questions in 5.2 - [176k]

Evening all!

Lately I've been asked quite a few questions by friends, on forums and via email so I thought I'd do a bit of a Q&A section because I know a lot of people will be thinking the same things.

Q: How do you deal with undercutters? So and so is undercutting me by 100g and it's silly, I am not making profit!
A: Undercutters can be a pain or a blessing. There are several things you can do. Firstly you can buy them out, or leave them to run their course. If you buy them out and they stop posting, then you have a bunch of items to resell for profit, wahey! If they don't stop posting well.. that's a bigger issue. You may find this guy is trying to dump stock and soon he will be gone, or he is inexperienced in the market and when he realises he isn't making any gold he will stop. More often than not, the player will stop posting after a few weeks, although if you are too impatient to wait for this, you can try mailing or whispering him.. although that can end up in name calling and get you nowhere.

Q: Are you flipping any items right now in 5.2?
A: Yes actually, Haunting spirits are doing from anywhere between 10-13k on my realm right now. I was lucky enough to buy 4 in trade for 8k each and resell them for 12.5k each.. so,18k profit for pretty much nothing. Also buying I am buying blue 450 BoE weapons for >500g and reselling for 2.5k.. and they do sell well!

Q: How much gold do you make per day?
A: I can make anywhere from 0k on lazy days, to 50k on busy days.. although not all of it is profit. It really depends on the day and what items I sell, the majority of the items I sell are worth less than 500g though, so I have to sell a LOT!

Q: How often do you post/cancel auctions?
A: It depends, if I am away from home then I can go as long as 30ish ours without posting them. If I am at home I usually leave my pc on and post/cancel every hour or so, keeping WoW on in the background just for that reason. On Wednesdays and Thursdays I will be posting/cancelling every 10-15 mins as those are busy times to make the most sales!

Q: What can I sell with my professions?
A: Check out this list I made for 600 professions on a previous post here. If you are not yet 600 then do not fret, I will be making guides for lower level professions soon!

Q: I am new to WoW, how do I make gold?
A: So much to say, so little space. To start off with, don't vendor anything, try and sell everything you can on the auction house. Also buy bigger bags as soon as you can, netherweave bags are pretty good. Always greed green boes in dungeons because they will more than likely sell for more than the enchanting materials. I will do a bigger post purely covering new players soon.


As you can see my gold has jumped up a notch! I did take a risk with those haunting spirits and 18k profit paid off! Not to mention I got another spirit from raiding ;) woo for enchanting! Hopefully I will hit the 200k mark sometime this week, and then I will be 1/5 of the way to a mil, huzzah!

I hope the new look isn't too harsh on the eyes, I've had a mixture of feedback on it. If you'd like to comment on anything on the site, or suggest things, there is a poll on the right hand side of the homepage and you can tweet me at @wealthyonwow or email me at

A small shoutout to my guild Misanthropy on Chamber of Aspects (Horde) EU! We are recruiting some DPS for our heroic raid team (currently 2/12hc) we need a rogue>mage>deathknight>warlock. If you are interested in joining or would like to have a nose about check out our guild at

Thank you for all the support guys, and I hope your Wed/Thurs made a nice bulge in your pocket!

- Raenboe


  1. "Not to mention I got another spirit from raiding ;) woo for enchanting!"

    In my guild at least, disenchanted materials from raids are guild property and not the property of the individual who did the disenchanting... is my guild unusual in this respect?

    1. "In my guild at least, disenchanted materials from raids are guild property and not the property of the individual who did the disenchanting... is my guild unusual in this respect?"

      Technically speaking, that item is therefore yours once YOU have disenchanted it regardless whether it is a guild run or not.

      If i was you, i would disenchant the item after the raid or something so the guild knows that you do not have the item that has been left behind after disenchanting. In my opinion, the guild you are currently in is rather unusual for that fact.


    2. Hi there,

      Items that drop from bosses usually end up being guild property yes. But I am talking about either loot I win from mogu runes that I don't need, or old gear I have replaced with heroic gear and disenchanted.

      It is not odd for your guild at all, as it wouldn't be fair that boss loot gets given to someone to sell unless the funds are going to the guild bank. Loot you have won yourself is what I mean.

    3. @Decris: I read your response about five times, and while I get that you think that the enchanting materials gained from disenchanted guild raid boss drops should belong to the disenchanter, I'm not understanding your reasoning. The "therefore" is confusing me, and I also did not understand the sentence about why disenchant after raid...

      @Raenboe: it seemed fair to me - loot off the boss belongs to the guild to be distributed in whatever way is most fair, and if nobody can use it, why should the person who happened to level enchanting get to be the one who profits off it, rather than let the guild use the dez in whatever way the GM/officers see fit? Thanks for clarifying where your haunting spirits came from :-)