Monday, 6 May 2013

Appeal to the lazy, with profession kits! - [125k]

Hi again!

So as I previously promised, today I'm gonna tell you guys all about profession kits and why they are a great business for anyone to try out. Although they can be profitable, I wouldn't recommend them as your only source of income, due to the unpredictability of sales. So let me cover the basics and tell you how to go about selling them.

Q: What is a profession kit?
A: A bundle of materials, that when used to craft items while following a guide, will get you to a predetermined level in your desired profession.

Q: Are they difficult to make, how long does it take?
A: It depends on the profession, some kits contain up to 6,000 items whereas others only contain 1,300. I wouldn't recommend farming all of the items as some are usually available for cheap amounts. I personally buy about 80% of the materials for my kits, and farm the rest. If I buy everything I can assemble it within an hour, if I farm EVERYTHING it can take anywhere from 4 hours to several days for the more difficult ones.

Q: How much do they sell for?
A: The most I have sold a kit for is 22k, which was Enchanting.. but usually I sell them for around 15k. Within 6 months on a dead realm I sold almost 30 kits which averages at 450k over 8 months, I would say about 250k-300k of that was profit. That is barely over 1k per day, but if you don't have time to list auctions then this method is a good way to make gold.

Q: How did you go about selling them.. and did they sell?
A: I advertised my kits in trade anywhere from once to five times per day, I also had a forum thread on my realm forums which is where I got most of my sales from:

Q: How did you trade the kits?
A: Usually it was trust trades, which can be difficult because if you do not have a reputation on your realm people will not trust you. You can also use C.O.D if you can divide the price per mail, or you can let people withdraw from your guild bank. I was lucky enough to have a reputation, people paid me when they ordered, before I even had the kit!

Q: Can you mention what items you farmed?
A: Tin ore for Moss Agate in Ashenvale, Adamantite ore for the gems and dust in Nagrand, Goldthorn in Stranglethorn Vale, Netherbloom in Netherstorm, Nightmare vine in Shadowmoon Valley, Cobalt Bars in Zul'Drak, Elementium/Obsidium ore for bars in Deepholm, and i'd prospect the elementium, make green jewellery and DE them for hypnotic dust.

Q: What advice would you give for selling kits?
A: There are several tips I have:
  1. Make sure you have PLENTY of room, some kits will need five guild bank tabs, others will need only one. But you will need storage for all of the spare materials you have.
  2. Use Auctionator to create shopping lists for the items each profession kit contains, I highly recommend making kits from the items specified on
  3. ALWAYS include 5-20 extra of each material than the guides specify, unless you are certain the person will be guaranteed the correct number of level ups from that recipe, some recipes will be yellow and may not grant a level. Better safe than sorry!
  4. Don't be put off by people saying you have ridiculous prices and they won't pay that, I usually sold my kits for around 250% of the materials price, a lot of people complained it was too much.. but if you sell them cheaply there is just no point, you will not make any money and it will be a waste of time. There is always someone willing to pay otherwise I wouldn't have sold 29 kits.
  5. If someone is already selling kits on your realm, then don't even try. Realms usually are not big enough for 2 sellers, it is difficult to price competitively and you will not get enough customers.
  6. Remember to specify what level kits you do. I personally only did 1-525 because MoP materials are pretty worthless and easy to get, but this may be different for you.
  7. Act classy! if u type like dis, then NOBODY will be interested. Have a professional trade advert and make a forum thread. When people buy kits, encourage them to leave positive feedback on your thread, so future customers are more likely to feel comfortable with trust trades.
Overall, profession kits are great to sell if you do not have time to play WoW. Just leave your forum thread up, bump it occasionally and wait for the messages and mails to come in every week or so. It's a good idea to farm kits before you sell them at the start, so you get a reputation, once people trust you.. you can farm to order. I usually had every kit unless I had just sold one I'd wait a week or so before making it again.

If you are still a little unsure about how to lay things out, then don't forget to check out my own personal profession kit thread up under "How did you go about selling them?"


Again, my gold total has not gone up much. I have spent today packing my things into boxes and repainting walls in preperation for selling my family selling our home soon. I am not too worried because Mondays are usually pretty quiet for sales, but tomorrow night things will start to pick up again, so I will be ready and stocked!

If you have any questions about my posts, feel free to leave them in the comments or check out the twitter I made @wealthyonwow .. there is nothing on it as of yet, because I've been so busy! If neither of those things appeal to you, you can email me at!

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope you have learned a few things and made some gold!

- Raenboe


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