Monday, 6 May 2013

Flipping heck, what do I flip? - 125k

Hello all,

Apologies for not posting yesterday I have been busy and I've also been out looking for my missing cat! I thought today, for those who don't have any professions at all but maybe have picked up some gold from dailies or drops, or for those who are interested in vendors, I thought I would share some great items you can either buy and resell, or find out in the world of Azeroth. My money has taken a nosedive as I've been buying out a lot of cheap materials and items to flip, but hopefully it will shoot up again once I have things to sell!

There are a lot of items out there that people want, whether for aesthetic purposes or silly vanity uses. Some are actually really easy to get, others not so common, but what all of them have in common is that they sell for a chunk of cash!

Here are some items that I have sold during Mists of Pandaria. As you can see all of them sold for a nice sized amount of gold. Let me break it down a bit and explain to you some of the items you can get a hold of. I am not saying this items WILL sell, but most of them I have experienced to have a demand for. These are things I have personally sold, some others may sell too but I haven't sold any.

Transmogrification - What a glorious invention, for those who want the appearance of gear other than their own, as well as for those who have the patience to sell that gear! Items for transmog don't really sell "fast" per say, but when they sell.. they usually bring in a tasty profit. I was fortunate enough to buy a guild bank off of someone for a few thousand gold, not knowing it had a few items it in (Soul Blade, Chelley's Sterilized Scalpel and some other Cataclysm epics). After having a shot and listing this items for a few thousand each, I found they all sold within a fortnight, and I regret not having a higher price!

Obviously someone was after the transmog look, because now in Mists of Pandaria the stats are pretty outdated. All of the items were weapons actually, which all have a bigger demand than armor (guess I hit the jackpot), but armor sells well too.. in fact there are several sets where the shoulders/chest/legs can sell for up to 10k a piece if you find the right buyer. If you are looking to try flipping here are some items you could try (some players don't know the value of these items and dump them on the AH cheap 1-200g):

Cataclysm Epic BoE Weapons (and the instance they drop from trash):
Bastion of Twilight: Soul Blade / Chelley's Staff of Dark Mending / Carbine Crossbow
Blackwing Descent: Claws of Torment / Claws of Agony
Firelands: Chelley's Sterilized Scalpel / Obsidium Cleaver / Spire of Scarlet Pain
Dragonsoul: Dragonfire Orb

Green BoE Armor Sets (chest/shoulders/legs.. the rest may not sell well):
Plate: Glorious/Jade/Lofty/Vanguard/Exalted/Sunscale/Warmaul/Overlord
Mail: Ornate/Netherstalker
Leather: Boneshredder/Swashbuckler/

Twinks - I personally do not have a huge amount of experience with twinks but I can tell you that the items I have tried to sell, do generally sell well.. and my experience is in level 70/80 epics! It is a great idea to farm raids like sunwell when you are bored cause crafted the items costs as little as 200g and they can sell for a few thousand to twinks! Here is what I have sold before they are twink and/or transmog too (if the recipe is tradeable it will generally sell for a lot itself too):

Tailoring(70): Belt of Blasting /  Belt of the Long Road / Primal Mooncloth Robe
Tailoring(80): Chord of the White Dawn / Glacial Slippers

I will do my best to try with some of my LW/BS recipes and see if they sell too!

Misc Items - Some items have cool effects, looks or abilities which give them a demand, I will tell you about some of them.

Orb of Deception: This item changes you into another race from the opposite faction for 5 mins, pretty funny to jump around in towns or raids looking like the enemy! It drops from sturdy and silken chests found in around 30 zones in Azeroth. If you see a chest, always open it! Chances are you may get a BoE blue which will sell for about 500g.. neato!

Hozen Peace Pipe: Upon use this pipe grants 1k rep to most Pandaria factions, super for lazy daily haters. In kunlai summit lies a rare mob called Scritch (a monkey) who has a chance to drop this pipe, if you are planning to farm rare mobs I'd recommend getting NPC scan, cause this pipe drops fairly often and sells for a few thousand gold.

Savory Deviate Delight: Although it is a cooked fish, it grants a random buff with some silly effects! The recipe quite often drops from mobs in the barrens and the fish are low level and easy to catch, selling for as much as 50g each when cooked.. spend 5 mins catching a stack and be 1k richer!

Battered Jungle Hat: A chance of obtaining this pimpin'  hat from the bag given by Dalaran fishing dailies. Sells for a smooth few thousand gold and the bags can reward some other nifty treats too, I won't spoil it for you, although.. if you are lucky enough to get a damaged necklace they still sell to jewelcrafters collecting wrath recipes for a nice price!

Book of Glyph Mastery - These books can be found in chests or as mob drops all over Northrend, so while leveling.. if you find one, keep it! On some realms they sell for 2k but you always be assured a few hundred gold if you pop it into the AH.

I will do my best to think of some more items for a future post! If you want to find prices for these items I'd recommend looking at the underminejournal for the average prices across your realm region.


I am trying to cut down my post size a bit as some players are telling me I post too much at once and it is overwhelming.. so I hope you enjoyed the shorter than usual read! Thank you again for taking the time to check out my blog and I hope you took advantage of todays cheap deals! Today the Darkmoon Faire started, so if you haven't already.. dump all your quest items on the AH!

- Raenboe


  1. I really like your blog! It has so many useful tips!

    Thanks for posting this, i always look forward to it :D was a bit dissapointed yesterday... There was no post haha.

    Thanks for making this blog!

  2. These Misc Items are great when they sell. When they don't, they clog up my storage space. Yes, I know I should get out there and promote them, or babysit the AH to try to clear them, but I never do.

    I have, for example, a whole GB tab of this stuff which is rapidly becoming junk, including a stack-and-a-half of Book of Glyph Mastery. What happens when I go to post some of them? Someone undercuts silly, like 50G when the Books are at 300. I'm not dedicated enough, don't put in enough AH time, to clear all this stuff.

    Don't spend a lot of time on it now, but maybe an idea for a future post about how not to get left with the residue?

    Sorry, no ID here. Cheers, GrĂ¡inne.