Friday, 31 May 2013

A new home.. again o_O

Hello all,

Just wanted to let you know I have managed to relocate an alt to Stormscale :) and planning to move more in the future. I am hoping to be able to save up for some TCG mounts! Just as a bit of a teaser as what's been going on.. here are my sales for the first 24 hours on the realm. (Click on it to make it bigger).

Will keep you updated and do a proper post tomorrow when I have the time!

- Raenboe


  1. Happy to hear you've got a new market.

    200K in a day though? that's just cheesing it :)

  2. Indeed, glad to see you're back to helping us poor people make gold!

    115k? and I thought 1-2k was good going for me!


    1. Yeah same here. I really thought I was doing good with a couple thousand a day. THIS is the kind of gold I want to be making.