Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bank alts are the bees knees & how I craft my items! - 134k

Greetings WoW players!

I've had people ask me why an earth do I use a level 1 bank alt, so I thought I'd enlighten you. When you are planning to make a lot of gold, you need a lot of items to sell.. and when you have a lot of items to sell, you need room! Although 4 x 28 slot bags are great, they are sometimes simply not big enough to store items as WELL as materials in, which is why I use alts. If you plan to cover a lot of professions you will need guild bank for storage! For example gems for jewelcrafting.. after prospecting a haul of ghost iron ore, you need somewhere to put them..

I actually have two accounts, because I prefer to keep my max levels in my mains guild, so I can socialise while crafting all my items. You may think that is stupid, but when you have crafting times of <20minutes, you want to pass time in any way you can! Sometimes I pass the time by watching television or online videos, but sometimes it's nicer just to catch up with friends and have a chat!

When you have as many materials as I do, sometimes it is just necessary to take big measures. To keep myself organised I actually had to make an alt for every kind of material, especially as I had to store from vanilla mats, all the way to current content, for my profession kits.. and because I am original with names, here is what I ended up with! As well as an alt to check the AH on Alliance.

I also find bank alts for numerous reasons. As I stated in a previous post, if your bags are full and you cannot be bothered to sell items, you can mail everything to your alt and sell it later, just make sure you do it within 30 days or it'll get returned to you! And after another 30 days it will be deleted.. joining the void of lost items. I was stupid enough to forget to empty my expired auctions from my Transmog alt when I moved realm, I lost over 100k of items... not a huge deal to me, luckily another benefit of the addon altoholic is reminding you that you have mail about to expire soon.


So how do I accumulate such large quantities of materials? I have lists set up in my Auctionator addon to search for all Mists of Pandaria materials, so I can keep an eye on the prices of everything I need at once. There are days when prices unexpectedly drop, perhaps because someone has farmed a lot or someone has panicked because of a patch node and dumped their whole supply on the auction house for cheaps! I have a personal threshold where I will buy all ghost iron ore and mists of pandaria herbs if they are under a certain price. It is up to you to decide your personal thresholds as realms differ a lot.

It doesn't matter how much you buy at once, in my opinion the more the better, if the price is low enough you should invest all you can. 3k ore may be an overkill to some people, but when the price returns to its usual level, you can just resell half the ore and get all of your money back, whilst ending up with the rest for free! I tend to buy out large quantities.. I am a hoarder I guess, I have at least 14 guild banks (yes I lost count) and most of them are full of items. Of course the average person doesn't need so many.. but when I see a deal, I just can't pass up on it! Here is some of my current inventory.. I know I know.. I have problems..

Ghost iron is very important in Mists of Pandaria, it is used for Jewelcrafting and blacksmithing and even Alchemy. I personally tend to prospect most of the ore I buy, cut the blue quality gems and sell them, turn the green quality gems into jewellery and disenchant them (best way to supply enchanting materials in my opinion) and turn the serpents eyes into jewellery to sell. The enchanting mats I either turn into enchants or convert them into other materials to sell. This whole process is known as the "ghost iron shuffle". I also turn ghost iron ore into bars and craft armor, as well as transmuting them into trillium and living steel to sell!

Herbs can be as rare as water in the desert, or as common as air in your bag of potato chips, it depends on your realm. I buy all herbs under 30g per stack, but raise the threshold to 50g per stack for Fool's Cap because it is the best herb to mill, and can be quite difficult to get a hold of. I buy all golden lotus at 50g, even if flasks only sell for 50g each, the 20% extra flasks from the specialization will still give me profit. Let me add that all alchemy specializations create an average of 20% extra items. I turn half my herbs into flasks/potions and I mill the other half for shoulder enchants. Also turning spare ink of dreams into other inks to sell can really work on realms that lack ink.

As I am mainly focusing on gems and enchants right now I make sure I have some of everything in my bags at all times, checking every few hours if I need to craft more. At the end of the day my bag is usually pretty empty, normally due to lack of materials to craft more items. For instance right now i'm lacking enchanting materials because I haven't had the chance to prospect my ghost iron ore and craft greens to disenchant, but I plan to do that tomorrow!


Overall today has been a good day, not as good as yesterday but still Thursday always has a demand for enchants and gems. I will have to find the time tomorrow to prospect all my ore, and perhaps I'll catch up with a season of some television show or rather! I must admit prospecting is one of the most boring things on WoW, but at least I don't have to farm the ore AND prospect it. Farming really isn't worth the minor profit increase with all those hours you spend flying about...

I hope your Wednesday and Thursday have brought you in some great gold too.. sadly the market will slow down slightly now, but it will be picking up again on Sunday (that is what I usually find; when everyone is at home relaxing) so prepare yourself and stock up with items to sell! Thanks for reading, I hope you learned a few things!

- Raenboe


  1. Should make an alt called Hoboe. anyways, reading this is a good "break" from work. You sound like those authors of these "10 steps to be a billionaire" books. :p