Friday, 24 January 2014

Niche Markets Guide - Vendor Items

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Raenboe here once again! Apologies for the lack of good screen shots during this post, I am not using my own pc to write this, so I am lacking half of my price data :)

Today I was going to talk about one of the more secretive subjects of gold making, which is niche markets. Basically what that means is, a small and unusual market that not many people are aware of, but can be huge gold makers if they are dominated.. and with little competition that is not difficult to achieve. Niche markets can vary from server to server, but always revolve around similar items. From recipes and tools, to other miscellaneous vendor items.. there are plenty of market areas out there waiting to be taken advantage of but most of them aren't common knowledge.

I want to talk to you today about some of my favourite markets as well as a few I haven't personally tried but have only heard good things about. Now remember, some of these markets may not work for you because prices and demand varies from server to server so make sure you do a little research before hand to see what the prices are, how many people are selling them and how often they sell. You can do this at a site like

I am only going to show you a few markets, as not to give the whole game away.. it will be up to you to find your own market and dominate it!

1. Profession Items (from vendors)

Believe it or not, one of the best investments to make when you are new to the game is into profession items to resell. For example, tools such as mining picks, skinning knives, herbalist spades, jeweler's kit and all those cheap reagents like vials, vellums, threads and dyes.. can all be resold for a hell of a markup!

You may think that these items below are all worthless, but guess again.. have a look at any auction house and be prepared to be amazed!

That's half a silver... turned into several gold, talk about a profit! For a low level new to the game, that could pay for your mount training and then some!

I have personally sold a Mining Pick for 100g once.. it does happen, people don't know where to find things and are too lazy to look it up.. so the auction house is a mere inconvenience but necessity to them.

You can never have enough enchanting vellums or vials, especially before raids players will try to stock up ASAP even if that means buying from a vendor.

2. Recipes (from vendors)

There are hundreds of NPCs around WoW that sell limited items and one of the best items to invest in are recipes, especially ones used during leveling up professions. You can find out the most popular recipes on websites such as and look up where to get them!

You should pretty much buy at least 1 of any recipe you come across however, as chances are even if it only costs you a few copper.. you will still make a few gold off of it. Some recipes are even worth thousands if you are lucky but.. I haven't got that far into the market yet.

I often just fly around azeroth going to every NPC I see and pick up any recipes I come across, I guarantee you will make a few hundred gold with just a 10 minute fly around a continent.

This recipe only costs 6 gold from a vendor.. and if we have a look at what it's on the auction house for.. BOOM over 100 gold profit, which is a lot for a few minutes of nothing.

3. Vanity Items / Clothes

Last but not least for now, vanity items and clothes. Everyone is constantly looking out for cool items that will make them appear more badass, if you don't want to be covered in bling then there is something wrong with you my friend. So look no further.. than vendors and professions! Especially old content items sell well.. for example edibles include Elixirs of giant growth, deviate fish, deepstone oil... and of course potions of illusion, with cheap mats that can cost you a few silver or a few minutes to farm.. the rewards can be great, some items even selling for up to 50 gold each.

If you want to explore the market a bit more, you can try items such as toys.. lenses made via jewelcrafting and even some handmade clothes like shirts and head items (monocles).

But it's not only crafting that can net you the money.. what about vanity items? Ever heard of the Formal Dangui? OF COURSE NOT! It's an extremely rare item, that is rumoured to only respawn only once every 2 months to 1 NPC in this game.

It's referred to as the rarest common item in the game.. which isn't suprising, because considering it is a white item that costs less than 100 gold, it can resell for up to 50k on some realms.. and there is rarely more than 50 up for sale in the world at any time. So if you are flying by moonglade and pass Geenia Sunshadow.. do yourself a favour and check to see if she has this lovely gown in stock!

There are many more markets and items you can look out for, but I will leave that up to you..

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

How to set up the TradeSkillMaster Desktop Application - Never have to scan your AH again!

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I didn't manage to make a video last night because I managed to hurt myself a lot at work the past few days and needed to recover. I've made one today though and hopefully I can catch up and make the other one asap.

This one explains how to set up the TSM desktop application to make your life easier!

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