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[Guide] Trade Skill MANIAC and how it saves time (Auctioning) - [120k]

Hi guys,

Apologies for the break but now I am back to fill your brain with gold making material! Today I want to talk about the addon "Trade Skill Master" or TSM, and how it can make your auctioning life so much easier.  You may have heard of it before, most top gold makers use it. TSM has several different sections, each which have to be downloaded separately. For now I will only deal with the "Auctioning" section. This allows you to customise your auction posting in ways you didn't think possible! It is difficult to explain, but basically with a click of a button and a scroll of your mouse wheel, you can post/cancel all of your auctions in seconds!

So to start off with, once you have installed "TradeSkillMaster" and "TradeSkillMaster_Auctioning", upon login or opening tsm you my get asked if you want  "beginner or advanced".. you want advanced! Secondly, make sure you have a few items you want to sell in your bags, then type /tsm to open the interface. For each section you have downloaded you will have an icon along the top, for now click the golden coin.

This is the category in which you will be setting up your auctions. This includes the items you want to sell and the prices you want to sell them for. On your left, underneath the golden coin, these below options will appear. They allow you to sort your items into groups and price them accordingly. For example, I may want to make a group for all of my Tailoring PvP armor and sell it for 500g each.. let's try and set that up.

 If you did get asked about hiding "advanced options" earlier, and you clicked no, then you are fine. If you didn't get asked it, then click on options and make sure that the below box is unchecked.

Now click on the "Categories/Groups" followed by "Create Category/Group" and under "Group Name" type in whatever you want to call your group, in this case I want to call mine Tailoring PvP. Once you have chosen your name press okay.

Your group should appear to the left of the screen under Categories/Groups. You can always change this name later under the groups management. Now click on your group.

Once you have opened your group make sure you are under the tab "Add/Remove Items". Now you must select the items you want to add to this group, I am adding all of my crafted tailoring pvp gear obviously. Once you have selected each item, click the "Add" button to add it to your group.

Congrats! You now have your first group of items, now we need to set up the group. Start by clicking on "Group Overrides" You will come to a page with a LOT of options.. do not worry, most of them are pretty obvious to understand, but will not affect you at this time.

You shouldn't really need to change anything under General settings, so scroll down to "Post Settings". Here you may want to change a few things. You need to right click the options to "unlock them" before you can enter in your own data. Obviously there is the post time, for my armor I prefer 48 hours but it is personal preference. Post cap is how many you want to post at any time, again I prefer 1 only for armor. Be aware if you are undercut by another player, the addon will then post the "post cap" number again. So if I have my post cap set to 2, it will post 2 items, if I am then undercut, it will post another 2. There is also a 3rd option called "per auction" which basically means do you want to sell single items or stacks. This doesn't apply for armor as it doesn't stack, but for materials like ores you may want to set it to 20.

Ignore "General Price Settings", I highly recommend leaving it to only undercut by 1 copper, it is silly to undercut by more because you will still be the cheapest, even if only by a copper! So head straight down to "Minimum Price Settings (Threshold)". Now choose your threshold! Your threshold is basically the cheapest amount you will sell your item for. If the price on the auction house goes lower than that threshold, the addon will not post the item. I chose 100g because although the mats for my armor are only around 50g each, I still want to make some profit! I would recommend leaving the "Fixed Gold Amount" because you don't know the addon well.

Last but not least, the final option is "Maximum Price Settings (Fallback)". Now choose your fallback price. Your fallback is the highest amount you would sell your item for, or the price it would fall back to, if for example there are none of the item you are selling currently on the Auction House. By default it is 1000, but I find this a bit much. Most items will be safe around the 500g mark, although some are worth a lot more. I am fine with 500 for my PvP armor because 450g profit is really nice! Again, leave the fixed gold amount.

Huzzah you are done setting up your group! Now it's time to reap the benefits and post your auctions. Once you have set your group up, you won't have to do it again, it may seemed to have taken a while but in the long run you will have saved a lot of time! Now press close on your TSM and go to the auction house, once you have opened it click on the TSM tab in the bottom right and press "Post Auctions" in the top left.

Your TSM will now start to scan your Auction House, see what items are in your bag and price them accordingly. After a few moments it will give you a brief summary of what it has found and from there you can decide what to do.

At the top it will state how many items it is able to post from your bags. It will then list the item, with their current lowest price, their seller and what course of action it will take.
 - The first arrow (red) states "Undercutting competition", this means it will post your auction for 1copper (or your set amount) cheaper than the cheapest item currently on there.
- The second arrow (orange) states "Posting at fallback", this means there are none of this item on the auction house so it will post it at your set fallback price (mine was 500g).
- The third and final arrow (blue) states "Cheap auction below threshold", this means the cheapest item currently on the auction house is lower than your set threshold, therefor it is too cheap to post your item, and it will not post it.

Feel free to make any adjustments to your group settings back in /tsm if you want to change your prices, otherwise press the post button at the bottom. Each time you press post it will post one auction. If you spam click the button it will post all of your auctions. Once all of your auctions have been "posted" it may take a few seconds or so for the server to process all of your items and then they will dissapear from your bags! And you are done, hurray!

You can do the exact same thing with the "cancel auctions" below the post auctions button. This will scan your items for any undercuts, and cancel them accordingly! But if you want to make posting/cancelling auctions even faster.. there is one thing you can do!

If you go back to /tsm and "Auctioning Groups" and "Options", scroll down and you will find the following.

This macro allows you to choose a keybind to post/cancel your auctions. Once you have picked your preferred combination of buttons, press create macro and voila! I personally find I have to drag the macro onto my bars for it to work, when dragging it the icon will appear invisible but when you drop it on your action bars it will appear. Now use your combination of buttons, and every time you scroll your mouse wheel madly it will post and cancel all your actions! Such a timer saver!

I hope this tutorial has been useful to you, it may be long and perhaps confusing, but once you learn how to use TSM it can make you a lot of money. Ever wondered how people post so many auctions and undercut you so fast? Well there you go!

I ended up spending 27k to reset the gem/enchant market yesterday, and only made 22k back.. so my gold has indeed gone down, but now I have ended up with a lot of (almost) free gems to sell, so hopefully my gold will go back up! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

- Raenboe

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