Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Muddled at max level! - [94k]

Hello once more,

So as i've previously announced, I can make up to 30k a day, usually purely with level 90 crafted items. I've been asked before what do I sell? Well it's pretty simple.. everything! If you only have one profession, then sure you can focus on that, but if you really want to bring in the big bucks you need to broaden your horizon and expand into other markets. Don't forget to advertise your professions in trade too (the more eye-catching the better!), besides crafting yourself, some players will tip up to 1k to have rare items crafted for themselves. I saw a really disturbing advert for leatherworking, if I catch it again i'll be sure to print screen it.

I personally buy ALL the materials I use for crafting, because it is such a waste of time farming for hours to make such minimal extra profit. I would say each day the money I make is around 60-70% profit, sure I am missing 30%, but i'd rather miss out on a few thousand gold than spend a few hours clicking on herb and ore nodes. I haven't farmed since the beginning of MoP when I was testing how much fool's cap you could get in an hour (4k by the way.. but then they nerfed it DAMN :()

Although it may seem like a lot of hassle to get all 9 crafting professions to max, it actually isn't as hard as you'd think. On some realms you can get 600 inscription for as little as 3k gold if you buy the cheapest herbs, and selling 6 level 90 shoulder enchants for 500g each has immediately paid for your whole profession! Don't be put off at the thought of investing into a profession, it may cost up to 15k to level, but I assure you, you will make that money back in no time. You can reach 600 of a profession on a level 85 too, so get all those cata alts out and teach them a thing or two! I recommend www.wow-professions.com for the cheapest leveling methods. Some professions don't even take as much materials as you'd imagine.. alchemy fits into a single guild bank tab!

Remember, materials are a lot cheaper at the weekend when people are home from school/work and farming/dumping their stuff on the auction house, it's the best time to buy. Everything is most expensive on Tuesday night (in preparation for reset) and even more so on Wednesday when everyone is like AMGGG LFR RAID *buys flask/potions/gems/enchants/food/etc*. Never be afraid to buy out cheap items at the weekend, and especially on tues/weds because chances are you can relist that for a higher price and receive a bigger chunk of cash in return!

Oh and another thing, if you aren't sure how markets are doing on your realms.. I highly recommend going to http://www.wowuction.com and choosing your realm, go to professions and pick your profession, click on product analysis and either type in what you are selling, or sort by sold/day to see what items have the biggest demand on your realm. That way you can avoid the useless unwanted items and save your materials for the most profitable! I especially advice this for gems, because some are totally worthless!


Prepare yourselves.. LONG READ AHEAD!
I'd recommend only reading about Profession you HAVE.

If you are lost for things to sell, here is a quick summary of what to sell for each profession:

Alchemy - Flasks/Potions/Living Steel/Primal Diamonds, VERY profitable if you have the correct specialization. I personally never make items with alchemy unless I have the spec that benefits the item I am crafting.. 3 alchemists you say? A hefty investment, but a wonderful profit maker! 5 Primal diamonds for the price of 1 you say? 2k free gold! Turning 10 ghost iron bars (50g) into 1-5 trillium bars (60g-300g).. yes please! Especially with the demand for trillium from the latest black prince quest, 40 bars! Don't forget your daily living steel cooldown!

Blacksmithing - I personally have NEVER delved into the world of epic crafting, it could be profitable but I see a lot of people struggle to sell their items. I use blacksmithing for living steel belt buckles and to craft ghost-forged armor, those blue procs sell for 750g each and the greens can sell for 300g but I personally disenchant the greens as they don't sell well, and may convince a buyer not to purchase the more expensive blue version. There is also PvP armor which is always in demand, I keep 2 of each up on the AH at a time! Don't forget your daily lightning steel cooldown!

Cooking - Whaaa, this is viable?! Yes, yes it is! 300 buff food can sell from anywhere between 30-75g per piece.. PER PIECE! Ever heard of the ironpaw shuffle? Buy cheap fish or meat, and turn in a stack for an ironpaw token, and swap that token for a cooking ingredient such as soy sauce. This drastically lowers the price to cook buff food, and you can either save yourself some money or make a huge sum with the ever increasing profit margins. Never be afraid to buy out cheap materials and relist them either, a stack of fish for 20g can be bought and relisted and sold for 200g, I have done it myself!

Enchanting - Well it's pretty obvious.. you sell enchants on scrolls! I find that Windsong is an amazing enchant to sell, along with blurred speed, pandaren's step and glorious stats! Of course all enchants sell eventually, but some are more popular than others. I tend to keep 3 of every enchant at a time, if some sell then I will make more. Don't forget that combining materials can be very profitable too! If you buy spirit dust for 1g each that means you can craft mysterious essences for 5g and ethereal shards for 25g so always pick up any cheap dust you see! Don't forget your daily sha crystal cooldown!

Engineering - COGS COGS COGS! I have had great luck with cogwheels, usually if someone buys one.. it means they will buy 2 more! Cogs are used with the ghost iron dragonling, I personally have never had much luck selling the trinkets themselves, but cogwheels easily go for 300g each netting you almost 1k per buyer! Considering they cost barely 10g each to make, it's practically free money! You can also try your luck at selling mounts and weapons, but I personally tend to avoid them as they can take a while to sell which lowers the profit margin for me.

Inscription - Inscription has a lot of ground to cover, I have never been in the glyph market myself because there are SO MANY and it takes forever and whatever. Some people report making 20k a day from glyphs alone but it is up to you if you want to invest the time into them. My main source of income in greater shoulder enchants, they can go for up to 1k each which is just lovely. Remember you can swap 10 ink of dreams for 1 starlight ink at the ink trader. You can also make cards if you wish, but usually they are best sold at the start of an expansion (I sold those relics for 50-100k each at the start of MoP and I sold 5! 5!!!!) Now days they go for around 10k each which is dissapointing, but may be worthwhile to you. Don't forget to do your daily discovery cooldowns!

Jewelcrafting - There are several things you can do when it comes to Jewelcrafting. Blue quality gems, jewellery and mounts. I personally prefer the first two, I have never touched the mount market.. 1-3k profit for 18k spent on materials is not a good markup. Gems glorious gems (blue quality that is)! The orange/purple/green gems when cut will sell for up to 300g each and red/yellow/blue will sell for up to 200g. Any green quality gems you have left, you should craft necklaces and rings. Sell 1 of each blue proc, and disenchant the rest, including the greens. Jewelcrafting is a GREAT source of enchant mats, even in previous expansions. I personally buy ghost iron for up to 50g a stack and do the above with it. Of course with the serpents eyes I craft blue jewellery and sell it from anywhere betweeen 250g-1k! And they do sell, believe me :). Don't forget your daily gem discovery!

Leatherworking - This is pretty similar to blacksmithing and tailoring, main source of income would be PvP armor, I have never tried crafting epics. I have found I can sell the green quality leg enchants for up to 200g each though, which is great considering they cost as little as 6g to make. I personally wouldn't waste my spirits of harmony on the blue quality leg enchants as you may want to save them to craft gear. Turning exotic leather into magnificent hide can give you a return of 5x what you spent, I always keep a stack in my bags. Again like blacksmithing, the misthide/stormscale blue procs sell for up to 600g each, and the misthide drape is a great item to craft.. because capes are a pain to get, i've sold them for up to 1k each lately!

Tailoring - Last but not least, for those who love sewing, tailoring is a great money maker. You can sell the green quality leg threads for up to 200g each although most realms they are worthless. You can sell bolts of cloth for 3x more than you paid for the cloth itself. PvP armor is great although there is a LOT of it, I tend to make 2 of each piece and I sell around 6-8 per day for anywhere from 150g-500g each. And AGAIN there is the windwool cloth that procs blue items that sell for around 500g each! But the main money maker.. bags.. BAGS! I wouldn't waste my imperial silk on royal satchels unless you are desperate for money, but making embersilk and frostweave bags are still really profitable, even after buying the cloth you can make up to 400g profit per bag, and there is always a demand for bags!


I hope this list has given you some ideas about what you should be selling.. I know it's a lot, and I've tested it all, some things may sell better on some realms than others, but all of this items will have a demand no matter how small.

Good luck with your gold making!

- Raenboe


  1. Raenboe, I just found your blog and started reading at the first post. All I can say about this post is, WOW. Very nice. I don't know if I have seen another blogger summarize every profession in one post like this. I do not have every profession maxed (missing BS), but am thinking about changing that soon. Keep up the great posts.


    1. Thanks Azz I really appreciate it! Yeah a lot of bloggers do tend to separate things which is why I threw everything into a chunk before going into more detail in single posts. BS is great, especially for those blue procs! :)