Friday, 31 May 2013

A new home.. again o_O

Hello all,

Just wanted to let you know I have managed to relocate an alt to Stormscale :) and planning to move more in the future. I am hoping to be able to save up for some TCG mounts! Just as a bit of a teaser as what's been going on.. here are my sales for the first 24 hours on the realm. (Click on it to make it bigger).

Will keep you updated and do a proper post tomorrow when I have the time!

- Raenboe

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

[Guide] Tradeskillmaster Auctioning Part 2! Cancelling & Resetting.

Hello again!

Thanks to GrĂ¡inne for recommending this post! If you missed part 1 of my guide to TradeSkillMaster Auctioning you can find it here. So after running through how to to set up TSM auction groups and how to post them, I'm going to cover how to deal with undercuts by cancelling and resetting.

So, you have posted your auctions up and you are waiting for them to sell. But wait.. someone has posted the same item for cheaper, now theirs could sell before yours! This is called "undercutting", when a player lists something cheaper than you have listed it. So how do we deal with this? Well luckily TSM has a cancel auctions feature which can help you deal with undercutters.

So let's start.. how do you cancel scans? Firstly open up your Auction House, then click on the TSM tab followed by Cancel Auctions.

Your TSM will now scan your current auctions and list information on each auction.

At the top it will list how many auctions it wants to cancel according to your settings. The information stated can be any of the following:

- The first arrow (pink) states "You've been undercut", this means someone has undercut you and TSM is going to cancel that auction to repost later.
- The second arrow (green) states "Cancelling auction which you've undercut", this means you have undercut someone who has undercut you (tongue twister!), therefor TSM will cancel your originally undercut auction.
- The third arrow (yellow) states "Not cancelling auction below threshold.", this means the item that has undercut you, is cheaper than you have specified in your threshold for that item, therefor TSM will not undercut it and will leave your current auction up (although it has been undercut). You can change the behaviour of this setting in your group override.
- The final forth arrow (red) states "Your auction has not been undercut", which is exactly what you want, means you are the cheapest on the AH!

So go ahead and cancel your auctions by clicking on cancel, or use the macro we talked about in the previous post. You can always skip an item if you don't want to cancel it (remember the current item is displayed in the top left of the screen). Now you can go and collect your items from a mailbox and run another post scan to list them as the cheapest!

Now another feature of TSM auctioning is the reset function. For those who don't know what resetting the market is, it means to buy out all the items and relist them for a higher price, similar to flipping, but usually with larger quantities. I have personally never used this part of the addon before so it will be a learning curve for me too! Let's get started. If you go into the Group Overrides for one of your groups, you will see this right at the bottom of the screen.

By default this option is disabled, but by right clicking to unlock it and ticking the box, you will reveal a whole new load of options. Don't panic.. we can do this! For my test run I'm going to use shadowgem, because it is one of the gems I have been talking about lately and it is cheap, and fairly easy to reset.

Ok so we now have quite a few options but they are pretty easy to understand. You will want to set them up according to your own realm.

- The first option is "max reset cost", this is the maximum amount of gold you want to spend per item in your group, to reset the market. As for gems I usually give them separate groups, so this means I am willing to spend a maximum for 1000g to reset the shadowgem market. I chose 1000g because I am happy to invest in large amounts of items I know I can sell.

- The second option is "min reset profit", this is the minimum profit you want to make from each single item. Mine is set to 5g, this means TSM will not buy a shadowgem unless I can make 5g or more profit from that single gem.

- The third option is "max quantity to buy", now mine is 100 because I often deal in bulk amounts and investing comes naturally to me, I recommend not having a number like 10 because I doubt there will often be so little gems on your auction house, and even if you set it to 100, if you buy them 1g each that's only 100g spent.

- To the right, the fourth option is "price resolution", this is basically how much you are willing your numbers to be adjusted by, EG if you set it to 50s it will alter all your prices to allow for an extra 50s, so 5g and 5g50s are the same thing.

- Finally at the bottom, "max price per item" is how much you are willing to spend PER shadowgem. I know I can sell them for 20g on my realm so I am happy to buy them for 10g to make 100% profit, most players will probably want to set this to around 5g however.

 Hurray we're all set! So let's give this a go now. Open your auction house yet again and run the "Reset Auctions" scan.

 At the top of the screen it states your potential profit from the smallest reset you could do. In each line the scan states how many of the item you would be buying for the reset, how much you would spend in total, what price TSM is planning to relist it for and how much profit you will make per item.

Ok so this was the part that confused the hell out of me, because I have never used this feature before I didn't understand why my shadowgem was listed twice, and I couldn't find any information on it. After much hair tugging and temple rubbing, I think I understand now.

 There was a total of 67 shadowgems on my auction house. Several for 1.5g each, several for 4.5g each and several for 6.8g each. Because my minimum profit per item was set to 5g (+50s for the price resolution) the first line states that I could buy out all the 1.5g shadowgem and undercut the 6.8g shadowgem and still make that minimum 5g profit. So I believe this first line states the smallest reset you could do to make profit.

The second line tells me that I could buy out all the 1.5g/4.5g/6.8g shadowgem and relist them all for 20g each (that was my fallback price for shadowgem), so I assume this second line states the biggest reset I could do to make the most possible profit. I could be wrong.. because as I said this is my first test, but if I am wrong I will redo this as soon as I find otherwise.

So now you can go ahead and click which of the options you want to buyout, then spam the buyout button. I personally always go for the higher option so I click the buyout button without picking either one, so it buys everything. For those of you that don't want to manually click, you can use the following macro keybound to something. Unfortunately the default TSM post/cancel macro does not work for this.
/click TSMAHTabBuyoutButton
/click TSMAuctioningResetBuyoutButton
/click TSMAHConfirmationActionButton
Now just go and collect your mail and post all your freshly bought gems! Or whatever you bought.


In other news, here are a few other bits of TSM Auctioning you might want to know about.

Under "group overrides" you can find these two options.

The first one "common search term", means when TSM is scanning the auction house for items in that group, you can specify a term that is in all of the names of those items, to speed up the scan. EG if the group contains only glyphs, you should enter the term "glyph of" or if your group only contains enchants you should add the term "enchant".

The second one "ignore random enchants", means if for example you are selling transmog items or jewellery that has prefixes at the end of their names, such as "of the whale" or "of the panther" etc, TSM will ignore those so you don't have to add each of them to the group seperately. For example if you have "windwool bracers of the panther" and "windwool bracers of the wraith", it would only list the item as "windwool bracers" so you don't have to add them all individually. However it will still attempt to post each prefixed item as a seperate item. For example if you have the group that contains "windwool bracers" set to a post cap of 2, it will try to post 2 of each kind of the bracers.


So, my internet was down because my parents didn't pay the bill.. ha. So I dissapeared again, I had this post all planned out then I couldn't do it, but that's okay I did some rollerblading and I learned some Dutch too (well.. tried to learn it).

Unfortunately my deal with the player on a different realm of using their 100k and professions fell through, after a week of selling only gems I did get up to about 140k but then the players computer blew up, so they can no longer prospect for me and I have nothing to sell! So.. I have 0 goals on WoW right now, so if anyone wants to offer me something to do (that involves gold) I will most certainly jump on the situation!

If you have any questions, don't forge to tweet me @wealthyonwow, or email me at, I also have Skype which is Raenboe, if anyone has so many questions that they don't want to post them in the comments.

Thanks again for all the support! I'd appreciate any suggestions in the comments for my next post. I hope patch 5.3 is treating you well with sales!

- Raenboe

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Jewelcrafting, my #1 profession!


So previously on my blog I mentioned lots of little bits and bobs about jewelcrafting and how I make money from it. Now I thought I'd go a bit more in depth and show you how to squeeze as much gold out of this profession as you possibly can. You can start rolling in the cash from as low as level 5, so don't be disheartened if you are new. Also I should mention that in some cases, you don't even need to be a jewelcrafter to make money, flipping some gems can pay off! Now where to start...

When picking professions on a character, it is often the case that two gathering professions (usually mining and herbalism) are much more profitable than crafting profession; at low level at least. This can be the case, however.. it can also be the biggest mistake you will ever make in your LIFE! Well, not really.. but you will miss out on a lot of gold and I will explain to you why.

Let me just state I sell EVERY Gem in stacks of 5! Just to get that out there.

Whaaaaaaaaaat? 250g for 5 gems? That aren't even from current content?! Yep, the gem market is busy and it wouldn't surprise me if most of you didn't know about it! Let us compare the first "tier" of all three gathering professions, and what the SECOND gather-able items sell for. These prices will not be the same on your server, but that shouldn't matter too much, you will understand later why I am comparing these.

Herbalism: Earthroot - 12g/stack
Skinning: Medium Leather - 60g/stack
Mining: Tin Ore - 22g/stack

Demand is what chooses the prices for these items, earthroot is practically useless where as medium leather and tin ore are both needed to level multiple (yes multiple, medium leather is used in other professions except leatherworking) professions. How would you feel if I told you, we could turn that that tin ore, could be raised from 22g/stack to up to 100g/stack? That would be neat for a low level huh? So let me show you how.

The above image is a list of what tin ore will prospect into. The addon Enchantrix is creating this list for me. There are three more common gems and three rarer gems. You will usually find these rarer gems are the common gems from the next ore up, in this case mithril ore will produce aquamarine, jade and citrine. The first gem on the list, Moss Agate, is commonly used for leveling jewelcrafting.. and as such, can be sold for up to 50g PER GEM on busy realms. And because a lot of people aren't bothering to prospect their ore, they just sell it in ore form or in bars, it means there is often a gap in the market, perfect to jump into! Lesser Moonstone is unfortunately not very useful, except for perhaps creating items to disenchant, but Shadowgem can sell for 10g each.

So let's do some math using the percentages we were given. You can get 1-2 gems per prospect (woo procs!) so you will end up with more than 1 gem per prospect. Let's say we do 100 prospects, that would require 500 tin ore. We would end up with 37.5 of each of the moss agate, lesser moonstone and shadowgem, as well as 4 of each aquamarine, jade and citrine. So let's calculate..

100 Prospects = 500 Tin Ore x 1.1g each = 550g --> So we have spent 550g on the ore.
37.5 Moss Agate x 27g each = 1012.5g
37.5 Lesser Moonstone x 0.9g each = 33.75g
37.5 Shadowgem x 7.5g each =  281.25g
4 Aquamarine x 15g each = 60g
4 Jade x 3g each = 12g
4 Citrine x 6g = 24g
Total = 1423.5g
Price different / Profit = 1423.5g - 550g =  873.5g --> That's an average of 35g profit per stack or 57g per stack if you farmed the ore.

So.. screw selling the unprospected ore! By refining the ore into gems, you are receiving more than double the money you would have if you sold the ore alone. Of course the gems may take longer to sell than the ore, but it's not like you need the gold straight away while you are leveling. If you are lucky enough to be on an extremely overpriced realm, you could have more than tripled your money!

Tin ore isn't the only ore this works with and as you can see you don't even have to mine the ore yourself, you can profit even by purchasing the ore! If you gathered the ore yourself, your profit margins would be bigger too. I recommend farming tin in Ashenvale, it is everywhere!

Let's try this again, but this time with Adamantite Ore. If you are going to farm this I would recommend Nagrand personally, but since cross realms came out it can be difficult to farm, so I usually buy it anytime it is under 100g per stack.

100 Prospects = 500 Adamantite Ore x 4.25g = 2125g --> Seems a lot, but don't worry!
100 Adamantite Powder x 42.8g = 4280g --> That has already paid for the ore and then some!
19 x Shadow Draenite x 37.8g = 718.2g
19 Blood Garnet x 37.8g = 718.2g
19 Flame Spessarite x 16.7g = 317.3g --> A horrible seller, never try to flip it.
19 Deep Peridot x 28.4g = 539.6g
19 Azure Moonstone x 37g = 703g
19 Golden Draenite x 15g = 285g
18 Blue Gems x 3g = 54g (I tend to vendor these gems because they never sell)
Total = 7615.3g
Price difference / Profit = 7615.3g - 2125g =  5490.3g --> That's an average of 220G profit per stack! Or 300g per stack if you farmed the ore yourself.

WhAAaaAaAt how come nobody ever told me about making gold like this? Well that's because people forget that low level materials are always in demand to players levelling their professions. And with more players leveling every day, not only are they buying materials, but they are also dumping their ore/herbs/leathers on the auction house for the cheaps, because they don't know their true value! (Below gems are in stacks of 5)

This prospecting can be done with all ores, I personally find tin and adamantite to be the best, but thorium and mithril are great too! I'd avoid iron and fel iron. Elementium and pyrite works alright, and of course ghost iron is great for mists of pandaria!

I assure you these gems do sell, I can make anywhere from 2-10k per DAY on them alone! Be sure to pay attention to the gems used for leveling and if you notice someone buying a lot of gems in a pattern stating they are leveling up, don't be afraid to jump into the action and flip the next tier of gems in preparation for their purchases!

I also recommend keeping an eye out on eternal earth, crystallized earth, black diamonds and adamantite/titanium bars to flip! They are all used for leveling.

To see the most popular gems used to level up jewelcrafting click here.
To see the profits for prospecting on your realm click here.

I apologise if the math is awfully off in this post, I am knackered and clicking on a calculator isn't my best skill!


So hi guys,

I know I've been gone for a week but I've been mulling over my whole WoW situation. The economy on chamber of aspects has shriveled up, I'm currently on a different realm doing this gem market. A lovely blog reader gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. He has given me 100k gold and access to all his professions, to see how much gold I can make in a month. Today is day 5 and things are going well, although I haven't emptied my mailbox of successful auctions.

My road to a million gold has sort of stalled, what with my guild disbanding and there not being any other weekend raiding guilds on CoA, I am stuck. I am torn between moving to a busy realm and focusing purely on gold, or moving to a new player realm to help new players (something I love to do!!). Moving 7 alts will be expensive though so it's not a decision I can take likely, as I will have to do it over a long period of time. As CoA has sort of died mysteriously, I feel that I will have to restart my goal to a million on a new server at some point, but for now I will just keep posting gold making methods and the money total in my post titles will disappear temporarily.

If you want to contact me, feel free to comment and I will always reply! You can also reach me @wealthyonwow (twitter) or at (email)! I love hearing from you guys, and the positive feedback has really given me something to smile about in the awful past 2 weeks I've had. I'd also like to give a special shout out to James for his generous donation! That will pay for a character transfer :) once I have decided where to go of course!

Thanks again everyone, I will be posting regularly again so stay tuned for some gold making magic!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Another update!

If you think I have vanished, you are mistaken!

Unfortunately I have had another bad turn of events.

1 - I am sick, cough, cold, sore stomach etc I don't have the brain power to even think about gold right now, let alone teach about it! :D
2 - My guild has decided to merge with another guild due to lack of players, which means I am unable to raid anymore because the raiding times do not suit me, there are no other guilds on this realm that raid weekends, and I just moved to this realm and I cannot afford to move off again, so right now I am sort of like UGH WOW, why are you doing this to me?

Bear with me a little bit while I recover my brain cells and figure out what to do in my current situation! Thanks,

- Raenboe

Friday, 10 May 2013

[Q&A] - Questions in 5.2 - [176k]

Evening all!

Lately I've been asked quite a few questions by friends, on forums and via email so I thought I'd do a bit of a Q&A section because I know a lot of people will be thinking the same things.

Q: How do you deal with undercutters? So and so is undercutting me by 100g and it's silly, I am not making profit!
A: Undercutters can be a pain or a blessing. There are several things you can do. Firstly you can buy them out, or leave them to run their course. If you buy them out and they stop posting, then you have a bunch of items to resell for profit, wahey! If they don't stop posting well.. that's a bigger issue. You may find this guy is trying to dump stock and soon he will be gone, or he is inexperienced in the market and when he realises he isn't making any gold he will stop. More often than not, the player will stop posting after a few weeks, although if you are too impatient to wait for this, you can try mailing or whispering him.. although that can end up in name calling and get you nowhere.

Q: Are you flipping any items right now in 5.2?
A: Yes actually, Haunting spirits are doing from anywhere between 10-13k on my realm right now. I was lucky enough to buy 4 in trade for 8k each and resell them for 12.5k each.. so,18k profit for pretty much nothing. Also buying I am buying blue 450 BoE weapons for >500g and reselling for 2.5k.. and they do sell well!

Q: How much gold do you make per day?
A: I can make anywhere from 0k on lazy days, to 50k on busy days.. although not all of it is profit. It really depends on the day and what items I sell, the majority of the items I sell are worth less than 500g though, so I have to sell a LOT!

Q: How often do you post/cancel auctions?
A: It depends, if I am away from home then I can go as long as 30ish ours without posting them. If I am at home I usually leave my pc on and post/cancel every hour or so, keeping WoW on in the background just for that reason. On Wednesdays and Thursdays I will be posting/cancelling every 10-15 mins as those are busy times to make the most sales!

Q: What can I sell with my professions?
A: Check out this list I made for 600 professions on a previous post here. If you are not yet 600 then do not fret, I will be making guides for lower level professions soon!

Q: I am new to WoW, how do I make gold?
A: So much to say, so little space. To start off with, don't vendor anything, try and sell everything you can on the auction house. Also buy bigger bags as soon as you can, netherweave bags are pretty good. Always greed green boes in dungeons because they will more than likely sell for more than the enchanting materials. I will do a bigger post purely covering new players soon.


As you can see my gold has jumped up a notch! I did take a risk with those haunting spirits and 18k profit paid off! Not to mention I got another spirit from raiding ;) woo for enchanting! Hopefully I will hit the 200k mark sometime this week, and then I will be 1/5 of the way to a mil, huzzah!

I hope the new look isn't too harsh on the eyes, I've had a mixture of feedback on it. If you'd like to comment on anything on the site, or suggest things, there is a poll on the right hand side of the homepage and you can tweet me at @wealthyonwow or email me at

A small shoutout to my guild Misanthropy on Chamber of Aspects (Horde) EU! We are recruiting some DPS for our heroic raid team (currently 2/12hc) we need a rogue>mage>deathknight>warlock. If you are interested in joining or would like to have a nose about check out our guild at

Thank you for all the support guys, and I hope your Wed/Thurs made a nice bulge in your pocket!

- Raenboe

Thursday, 9 May 2013

[Guide] Trade Skill MANIAC and how it saves time (Auctioning) - [120k]

Hi guys,

Apologies for the break but now I am back to fill your brain with gold making material! Today I want to talk about the addon "Trade Skill Master" or TSM, and how it can make your auctioning life so much easier.  You may have heard of it before, most top gold makers use it. TSM has several different sections, each which have to be downloaded separately. For now I will only deal with the "Auctioning" section. This allows you to customise your auction posting in ways you didn't think possible! It is difficult to explain, but basically with a click of a button and a scroll of your mouse wheel, you can post/cancel all of your auctions in seconds!

So to start off with, once you have installed "TradeSkillMaster" and "TradeSkillMaster_Auctioning", upon login or opening tsm you my get asked if you want  "beginner or advanced".. you want advanced! Secondly, make sure you have a few items you want to sell in your bags, then type /tsm to open the interface. For each section you have downloaded you will have an icon along the top, for now click the golden coin.

This is the category in which you will be setting up your auctions. This includes the items you want to sell and the prices you want to sell them for. On your left, underneath the golden coin, these below options will appear. They allow you to sort your items into groups and price them accordingly. For example, I may want to make a group for all of my Tailoring PvP armor and sell it for 500g each.. let's try and set that up.

 If you did get asked about hiding "advanced options" earlier, and you clicked no, then you are fine. If you didn't get asked it, then click on options and make sure that the below box is unchecked.

Now click on the "Categories/Groups" followed by "Create Category/Group" and under "Group Name" type in whatever you want to call your group, in this case I want to call mine Tailoring PvP. Once you have chosen your name press okay.

Your group should appear to the left of the screen under Categories/Groups. You can always change this name later under the groups management. Now click on your group.

Once you have opened your group make sure you are under the tab "Add/Remove Items". Now you must select the items you want to add to this group, I am adding all of my crafted tailoring pvp gear obviously. Once you have selected each item, click the "Add" button to add it to your group.

Congrats! You now have your first group of items, now we need to set up the group. Start by clicking on "Group Overrides" You will come to a page with a LOT of options.. do not worry, most of them are pretty obvious to understand, but will not affect you at this time.

You shouldn't really need to change anything under General settings, so scroll down to "Post Settings". Here you may want to change a few things. You need to right click the options to "unlock them" before you can enter in your own data. Obviously there is the post time, for my armor I prefer 48 hours but it is personal preference. Post cap is how many you want to post at any time, again I prefer 1 only for armor. Be aware if you are undercut by another player, the addon will then post the "post cap" number again. So if I have my post cap set to 2, it will post 2 items, if I am then undercut, it will post another 2. There is also a 3rd option called "per auction" which basically means do you want to sell single items or stacks. This doesn't apply for armor as it doesn't stack, but for materials like ores you may want to set it to 20.

Ignore "General Price Settings", I highly recommend leaving it to only undercut by 1 copper, it is silly to undercut by more because you will still be the cheapest, even if only by a copper! So head straight down to "Minimum Price Settings (Threshold)". Now choose your threshold! Your threshold is basically the cheapest amount you will sell your item for. If the price on the auction house goes lower than that threshold, the addon will not post the item. I chose 100g because although the mats for my armor are only around 50g each, I still want to make some profit! I would recommend leaving the "Fixed Gold Amount" because you don't know the addon well.

Last but not least, the final option is "Maximum Price Settings (Fallback)". Now choose your fallback price. Your fallback is the highest amount you would sell your item for, or the price it would fall back to, if for example there are none of the item you are selling currently on the Auction House. By default it is 1000, but I find this a bit much. Most items will be safe around the 500g mark, although some are worth a lot more. I am fine with 500 for my PvP armor because 450g profit is really nice! Again, leave the fixed gold amount.

Huzzah you are done setting up your group! Now it's time to reap the benefits and post your auctions. Once you have set your group up, you won't have to do it again, it may seemed to have taken a while but in the long run you will have saved a lot of time! Now press close on your TSM and go to the auction house, once you have opened it click on the TSM tab in the bottom right and press "Post Auctions" in the top left.

Your TSM will now start to scan your Auction House, see what items are in your bag and price them accordingly. After a few moments it will give you a brief summary of what it has found and from there you can decide what to do.

At the top it will state how many items it is able to post from your bags. It will then list the item, with their current lowest price, their seller and what course of action it will take.
 - The first arrow (red) states "Undercutting competition", this means it will post your auction for 1copper (or your set amount) cheaper than the cheapest item currently on there.
- The second arrow (orange) states "Posting at fallback", this means there are none of this item on the auction house so it will post it at your set fallback price (mine was 500g).
- The third and final arrow (blue) states "Cheap auction below threshold", this means the cheapest item currently on the auction house is lower than your set threshold, therefor it is too cheap to post your item, and it will not post it.

Feel free to make any adjustments to your group settings back in /tsm if you want to change your prices, otherwise press the post button at the bottom. Each time you press post it will post one auction. If you spam click the button it will post all of your auctions. Once all of your auctions have been "posted" it may take a few seconds or so for the server to process all of your items and then they will dissapear from your bags! And you are done, hurray!

You can do the exact same thing with the "cancel auctions" below the post auctions button. This will scan your items for any undercuts, and cancel them accordingly! But if you want to make posting/cancelling auctions even faster.. there is one thing you can do!

If you go back to /tsm and "Auctioning Groups" and "Options", scroll down and you will find the following.

This macro allows you to choose a keybind to post/cancel your auctions. Once you have picked your preferred combination of buttons, press create macro and voila! I personally find I have to drag the macro onto my bars for it to work, when dragging it the icon will appear invisible but when you drop it on your action bars it will appear. Now use your combination of buttons, and every time you scroll your mouse wheel madly it will post and cancel all your actions! Such a timer saver!

I hope this tutorial has been useful to you, it may be long and perhaps confusing, but once you learn how to use TSM it can make you a lot of money. Ever wondered how people post so many auctions and undercut you so fast? Well there you go!

I ended up spending 27k to reset the gem/enchant market yesterday, and only made 22k back.. so my gold has indeed gone down, but now I have ended up with a lot of (almost) free gems to sell, so hopefully my gold will go back up! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

- Raenboe

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Hi guys,

Sorry to say there will not be a post today and possibly tomorrow. Reason for this is my cat has passed away my grandmother has been put in hospital so I'm a little shaken and not focused right now and my gold making will be taking a hit. I will do my best to try put a post together tomorrow but today it's unlikely to happen. Thanks for understanding and I apologise!


Monday, 6 May 2013

Appeal to the lazy, with profession kits! - [125k]

Hi again!

So as I previously promised, today I'm gonna tell you guys all about profession kits and why they are a great business for anyone to try out. Although they can be profitable, I wouldn't recommend them as your only source of income, due to the unpredictability of sales. So let me cover the basics and tell you how to go about selling them.

Q: What is a profession kit?
A: A bundle of materials, that when used to craft items while following a guide, will get you to a predetermined level in your desired profession.

Q: Are they difficult to make, how long does it take?
A: It depends on the profession, some kits contain up to 6,000 items whereas others only contain 1,300. I wouldn't recommend farming all of the items as some are usually available for cheap amounts. I personally buy about 80% of the materials for my kits, and farm the rest. If I buy everything I can assemble it within an hour, if I farm EVERYTHING it can take anywhere from 4 hours to several days for the more difficult ones.

Q: How much do they sell for?
A: The most I have sold a kit for is 22k, which was Enchanting.. but usually I sell them for around 15k. Within 6 months on a dead realm I sold almost 30 kits which averages at 450k over 8 months, I would say about 250k-300k of that was profit. That is barely over 1k per day, but if you don't have time to list auctions then this method is a good way to make gold.

Q: How did you go about selling them.. and did they sell?
A: I advertised my kits in trade anywhere from once to five times per day, I also had a forum thread on my realm forums which is where I got most of my sales from:

Q: How did you trade the kits?
A: Usually it was trust trades, which can be difficult because if you do not have a reputation on your realm people will not trust you. You can also use C.O.D if you can divide the price per mail, or you can let people withdraw from your guild bank. I was lucky enough to have a reputation, people paid me when they ordered, before I even had the kit!

Q: Can you mention what items you farmed?
A: Tin ore for Moss Agate in Ashenvale, Adamantite ore for the gems and dust in Nagrand, Goldthorn in Stranglethorn Vale, Netherbloom in Netherstorm, Nightmare vine in Shadowmoon Valley, Cobalt Bars in Zul'Drak, Elementium/Obsidium ore for bars in Deepholm, and i'd prospect the elementium, make green jewellery and DE them for hypnotic dust.

Q: What advice would you give for selling kits?
A: There are several tips I have:
  1. Make sure you have PLENTY of room, some kits will need five guild bank tabs, others will need only one. But you will need storage for all of the spare materials you have.
  2. Use Auctionator to create shopping lists for the items each profession kit contains, I highly recommend making kits from the items specified on
  3. ALWAYS include 5-20 extra of each material than the guides specify, unless you are certain the person will be guaranteed the correct number of level ups from that recipe, some recipes will be yellow and may not grant a level. Better safe than sorry!
  4. Don't be put off by people saying you have ridiculous prices and they won't pay that, I usually sold my kits for around 250% of the materials price, a lot of people complained it was too much.. but if you sell them cheaply there is just no point, you will not make any money and it will be a waste of time. There is always someone willing to pay otherwise I wouldn't have sold 29 kits.
  5. If someone is already selling kits on your realm, then don't even try. Realms usually are not big enough for 2 sellers, it is difficult to price competitively and you will not get enough customers.
  6. Remember to specify what level kits you do. I personally only did 1-525 because MoP materials are pretty worthless and easy to get, but this may be different for you.
  7. Act classy! if u type like dis, then NOBODY will be interested. Have a professional trade advert and make a forum thread. When people buy kits, encourage them to leave positive feedback on your thread, so future customers are more likely to feel comfortable with trust trades.
Overall, profession kits are great to sell if you do not have time to play WoW. Just leave your forum thread up, bump it occasionally and wait for the messages and mails to come in every week or so. It's a good idea to farm kits before you sell them at the start, so you get a reputation, once people trust you.. you can farm to order. I usually had every kit unless I had just sold one I'd wait a week or so before making it again.

If you are still a little unsure about how to lay things out, then don't forget to check out my own personal profession kit thread up under "How did you go about selling them?"


Again, my gold total has not gone up much. I have spent today packing my things into boxes and repainting walls in preperation for selling my family selling our home soon. I am not too worried because Mondays are usually pretty quiet for sales, but tomorrow night things will start to pick up again, so I will be ready and stocked!

If you have any questions about my posts, feel free to leave them in the comments or check out the twitter I made @wealthyonwow .. there is nothing on it as of yet, because I've been so busy! If neither of those things appeal to you, you can email me at!

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope you have learned a few things and made some gold!

- Raenboe

Flipping heck, what do I flip? - 125k

Hello all,

Apologies for not posting yesterday I have been busy and I've also been out looking for my missing cat! I thought today, for those who don't have any professions at all but maybe have picked up some gold from dailies or drops, or for those who are interested in vendors, I thought I would share some great items you can either buy and resell, or find out in the world of Azeroth. My money has taken a nosedive as I've been buying out a lot of cheap materials and items to flip, but hopefully it will shoot up again once I have things to sell!

There are a lot of items out there that people want, whether for aesthetic purposes or silly vanity uses. Some are actually really easy to get, others not so common, but what all of them have in common is that they sell for a chunk of cash!

Here are some items that I have sold during Mists of Pandaria. As you can see all of them sold for a nice sized amount of gold. Let me break it down a bit and explain to you some of the items you can get a hold of. I am not saying this items WILL sell, but most of them I have experienced to have a demand for. These are things I have personally sold, some others may sell too but I haven't sold any.

Transmogrification - What a glorious invention, for those who want the appearance of gear other than their own, as well as for those who have the patience to sell that gear! Items for transmog don't really sell "fast" per say, but when they sell.. they usually bring in a tasty profit. I was fortunate enough to buy a guild bank off of someone for a few thousand gold, not knowing it had a few items it in (Soul Blade, Chelley's Sterilized Scalpel and some other Cataclysm epics). After having a shot and listing this items for a few thousand each, I found they all sold within a fortnight, and I regret not having a higher price!

Obviously someone was after the transmog look, because now in Mists of Pandaria the stats are pretty outdated. All of the items were weapons actually, which all have a bigger demand than armor (guess I hit the jackpot), but armor sells well too.. in fact there are several sets where the shoulders/chest/legs can sell for up to 10k a piece if you find the right buyer. If you are looking to try flipping here are some items you could try (some players don't know the value of these items and dump them on the AH cheap 1-200g):

Cataclysm Epic BoE Weapons (and the instance they drop from trash):
Bastion of Twilight: Soul Blade / Chelley's Staff of Dark Mending / Carbine Crossbow
Blackwing Descent: Claws of Torment / Claws of Agony
Firelands: Chelley's Sterilized Scalpel / Obsidium Cleaver / Spire of Scarlet Pain
Dragonsoul: Dragonfire Orb

Green BoE Armor Sets (chest/shoulders/legs.. the rest may not sell well):
Plate: Glorious/Jade/Lofty/Vanguard/Exalted/Sunscale/Warmaul/Overlord
Mail: Ornate/Netherstalker
Leather: Boneshredder/Swashbuckler/

Twinks - I personally do not have a huge amount of experience with twinks but I can tell you that the items I have tried to sell, do generally sell well.. and my experience is in level 70/80 epics! It is a great idea to farm raids like sunwell when you are bored cause crafted the items costs as little as 200g and they can sell for a few thousand to twinks! Here is what I have sold before they are twink and/or transmog too (if the recipe is tradeable it will generally sell for a lot itself too):

Tailoring(70): Belt of Blasting /  Belt of the Long Road / Primal Mooncloth Robe
Tailoring(80): Chord of the White Dawn / Glacial Slippers

I will do my best to try with some of my LW/BS recipes and see if they sell too!

Misc Items - Some items have cool effects, looks or abilities which give them a demand, I will tell you about some of them.

Orb of Deception: This item changes you into another race from the opposite faction for 5 mins, pretty funny to jump around in towns or raids looking like the enemy! It drops from sturdy and silken chests found in around 30 zones in Azeroth. If you see a chest, always open it! Chances are you may get a BoE blue which will sell for about 500g.. neato!

Hozen Peace Pipe: Upon use this pipe grants 1k rep to most Pandaria factions, super for lazy daily haters. In kunlai summit lies a rare mob called Scritch (a monkey) who has a chance to drop this pipe, if you are planning to farm rare mobs I'd recommend getting NPC scan, cause this pipe drops fairly often and sells for a few thousand gold.

Savory Deviate Delight: Although it is a cooked fish, it grants a random buff with some silly effects! The recipe quite often drops from mobs in the barrens and the fish are low level and easy to catch, selling for as much as 50g each when cooked.. spend 5 mins catching a stack and be 1k richer!

Battered Jungle Hat: A chance of obtaining this pimpin'  hat from the bag given by Dalaran fishing dailies. Sells for a smooth few thousand gold and the bags can reward some other nifty treats too, I won't spoil it for you, although.. if you are lucky enough to get a damaged necklace they still sell to jewelcrafters collecting wrath recipes for a nice price!

Book of Glyph Mastery - These books can be found in chests or as mob drops all over Northrend, so while leveling.. if you find one, keep it! On some realms they sell for 2k but you always be assured a few hundred gold if you pop it into the AH.

I will do my best to think of some more items for a future post! If you want to find prices for these items I'd recommend looking at the underminejournal for the average prices across your realm region.


I am trying to cut down my post size a bit as some players are telling me I post too much at once and it is overwhelming.. so I hope you enjoyed the shorter than usual read! Thank you again for taking the time to check out my blog and I hope you took advantage of todays cheap deals! Today the Darkmoon Faire started, so if you haven't already.. dump all your quest items on the AH!

- Raenboe

Friday, 3 May 2013

The secrets of research & old world materials! - 145k

Hello and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! (hurrah it's a 3 day weekend for the brits)

Sometimes in order to maximize your profit on WoW, you have to do a bit of researching, the more you know the better! Ever since I started making gold I have been bouncing and back between a few websites that have taught them things and made my gold making easier.

1 - The Undermine Journal -
I personally use this site to find the prices of items.
  1. You can look up characters (as well as see your realm's top posters) to see all their currently listed auctions, what type of items they post and what hours of the week they post the most.
  2. You can search for any item and it will tell you how much it costs on your realm, how many are available, what the average price is for your faction and much much more! It's great if you don't know the price of an item you want to sell E.G epics or twink gear. It will also show you how much it costs to craft said item, if it is craftable.. but there is a seperate "crafted" section if you want to look up a whole profession of items at a time.
  3. You can set up market notifications, which will email you when any items you have specified are on your auction house.. great if you are missing recipes!
2 - WoWuction -
I site I use for checking what items sell the most and what I can relist.
  1. "Bargain Hunter" lists rare items currently available on your realm that are cheap enough to be bought and relisted for more, for profits! Includes weapons, armor, mounts, pets and recipes.
  2. Lists each profession, the demand for the items made with it, the material price and how many currently on your AH. This is GREAT, I will explain why later in this post.
  3. Lists overall data about your realm, great if you are looking to move realms and want to know what the economy is like on your future realm.
  4. Has a "broker" which is essentially the same as The Undermine Journals "market notifications".
3 - The Consortium -
 A really useful forum about gold making tips and guides for World of Warcraft and Diablo 3.
  1. A section for players to post their methods of gold making using the auction house, great for checking out what other people sell and what items are hot right now.
  2. A section about speculation; what items will be selling well in the future due to patch notes or new releases.
  3. Even more sections for discussion about addons (great if you don't know what ones to use for gold making) and spreadsheets, yep some people use spreadsheets to calculate profits and it is AMAZING!
There are the three main ones I use, I may go into discussion in the future about other blogs I read and other info sources!


I think a lot of people forget that pre-MoP materials are still in demand, for leveling professions, twink items or general hoarding! So I thought I would share with you some of my personal favorite sellers as well as what I have sold them for.

Cloth can be cheap as hell, but it's a great idea to buy it out and relist a few stacks for 20-100g per depending on what it is. I find Embersilk, Frostweave and Wool are all great sellers! For the cloth you have left over, turn it into items to disenchant, it's one of the best and cheapest ways to acquire enchanting mats whether you are selling them or using them yourself. If you still have materials left over from Cataclysm they still sell really well!

Profession materials are always good to sell. Even if you have to buy them to relist, you can make a heavy profit from flipping. I personally recommend for Jewelcrafting: Shadowgem, Moss Agate & Citrine. For Alchemy I recommend Goldthorn, Netherbloom & Lichbloom.

Also, materials for twink enchants are great. Essence of air can sell for up to 500g per, also golden pearls for 200g per, and crusader orbs (although cheap) are good to stockpile. The best place to farm the essences is at the crystal vale in silithus, you get one every few mobs and you can make a few thousand gold per hour here if you are lucky!

Although I usually refrain from gathering, I've got to say, adamantite ore is great! It can sell for 400g a stack, or if you prospect it you can sell the dusts for 100g each aswell as the gems for 25g each. I've spent a few hours in Nagrand myself farming it, it is really worth it! And it's something level 60-70s can do too!

Twink enchants such as enchant weapon - spellpower/healing power or crusader are all good to sell. Aswell as the agility for daggers!


I am still sticking to just gems, enchants and tailoring PvP gear/blues. As well as any blue boes I get from dailies. Sales have dropped due to it being Friday and everyone out partying, but my gold has still gone up! I did spend a chunk of gold resetting all the cheaper priced gems and enchants on the AH today (that means buying them all and relisting for about 150-300g when they were originally 50-100g)

I'm still not going to be able to add flasks and potions to my sales until I have an alchemist with the correct specialization to get procs. Still, over 20k from just what I am selling isn't bad, and I sold a few other bits and bobs to bring up my gold total.

If you'd like to see what I'm selling then here is my link:

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and don't forget to take advantage of all the cheap deals!

- Raenboe

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bank alts are the bees knees & how I craft my items! - 134k

Greetings WoW players!

I've had people ask me why an earth do I use a level 1 bank alt, so I thought I'd enlighten you. When you are planning to make a lot of gold, you need a lot of items to sell.. and when you have a lot of items to sell, you need room! Although 4 x 28 slot bags are great, they are sometimes simply not big enough to store items as WELL as materials in, which is why I use alts. If you plan to cover a lot of professions you will need guild bank for storage! For example gems for jewelcrafting.. after prospecting a haul of ghost iron ore, you need somewhere to put them..

I actually have two accounts, because I prefer to keep my max levels in my mains guild, so I can socialise while crafting all my items. You may think that is stupid, but when you have crafting times of <20minutes, you want to pass time in any way you can! Sometimes I pass the time by watching television or online videos, but sometimes it's nicer just to catch up with friends and have a chat!

When you have as many materials as I do, sometimes it is just necessary to take big measures. To keep myself organised I actually had to make an alt for every kind of material, especially as I had to store from vanilla mats, all the way to current content, for my profession kits.. and because I am original with names, here is what I ended up with! As well as an alt to check the AH on Alliance.

I also find bank alts for numerous reasons. As I stated in a previous post, if your bags are full and you cannot be bothered to sell items, you can mail everything to your alt and sell it later, just make sure you do it within 30 days or it'll get returned to you! And after another 30 days it will be deleted.. joining the void of lost items. I was stupid enough to forget to empty my expired auctions from my Transmog alt when I moved realm, I lost over 100k of items... not a huge deal to me, luckily another benefit of the addon altoholic is reminding you that you have mail about to expire soon.


So how do I accumulate such large quantities of materials? I have lists set up in my Auctionator addon to search for all Mists of Pandaria materials, so I can keep an eye on the prices of everything I need at once. There are days when prices unexpectedly drop, perhaps because someone has farmed a lot or someone has panicked because of a patch node and dumped their whole supply on the auction house for cheaps! I have a personal threshold where I will buy all ghost iron ore and mists of pandaria herbs if they are under a certain price. It is up to you to decide your personal thresholds as realms differ a lot.

It doesn't matter how much you buy at once, in my opinion the more the better, if the price is low enough you should invest all you can. 3k ore may be an overkill to some people, but when the price returns to its usual level, you can just resell half the ore and get all of your money back, whilst ending up with the rest for free! I tend to buy out large quantities.. I am a hoarder I guess, I have at least 14 guild banks (yes I lost count) and most of them are full of items. Of course the average person doesn't need so many.. but when I see a deal, I just can't pass up on it! Here is some of my current inventory.. I know I know.. I have problems..

Ghost iron is very important in Mists of Pandaria, it is used for Jewelcrafting and blacksmithing and even Alchemy. I personally tend to prospect most of the ore I buy, cut the blue quality gems and sell them, turn the green quality gems into jewellery and disenchant them (best way to supply enchanting materials in my opinion) and turn the serpents eyes into jewellery to sell. The enchanting mats I either turn into enchants or convert them into other materials to sell. This whole process is known as the "ghost iron shuffle". I also turn ghost iron ore into bars and craft armor, as well as transmuting them into trillium and living steel to sell!

Herbs can be as rare as water in the desert, or as common as air in your bag of potato chips, it depends on your realm. I buy all herbs under 30g per stack, but raise the threshold to 50g per stack for Fool's Cap because it is the best herb to mill, and can be quite difficult to get a hold of. I buy all golden lotus at 50g, even if flasks only sell for 50g each, the 20% extra flasks from the specialization will still give me profit. Let me add that all alchemy specializations create an average of 20% extra items. I turn half my herbs into flasks/potions and I mill the other half for shoulder enchants. Also turning spare ink of dreams into other inks to sell can really work on realms that lack ink.

As I am mainly focusing on gems and enchants right now I make sure I have some of everything in my bags at all times, checking every few hours if I need to craft more. At the end of the day my bag is usually pretty empty, normally due to lack of materials to craft more items. For instance right now i'm lacking enchanting materials because I haven't had the chance to prospect my ghost iron ore and craft greens to disenchant, but I plan to do that tomorrow!


Overall today has been a good day, not as good as yesterday but still Thursday always has a demand for enchants and gems. I will have to find the time tomorrow to prospect all my ore, and perhaps I'll catch up with a season of some television show or rather! I must admit prospecting is one of the most boring things on WoW, but at least I don't have to farm the ore AND prospect it. Farming really isn't worth the minor profit increase with all those hours you spend flying about...

I hope your Wednesday and Thursday have brought you in some great gold too.. sadly the market will slow down slightly now, but it will be picking up again on Sunday (that is what I usually find; when everyone is at home relaxing) so prepare yourself and stock up with items to sell! Thanks for reading, I hope you learned a few things!

- Raenboe

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Insert LUA error here; Addons, and how they help! - 102k


I love Wednesdays! I also love my new realm, compared to my old one it is like a haven of buyers fighting for my goods! I've never played on a full realm, i'm currently on a medium one. Yet within around 8 or so hours of only posting gems, enchants and tailoring PvP gear this is what I ended up with:

Sweeeeeet huh? I am loving it! I can't wait to level up my other alts and get some other items listed like flasks, potions and shoulder enchants. You may have noticed today my gold total hasn't gone up much, thats because I decided to splash out on some royal satchels for my new pimped out bank alt, and i've got to say.. a few thousand gold for a 28 slot bag is really useful when you have stacks of gems and enchants, you can never have enough room. (She's happy she got bags!)

Anyways, today after hearing a friend complain about how he had to click to buy a single arcane dust at a time, it made me realise how little some players know about addons! So I thought i'd give you guys a run through of the addons I personally use, and how they enhance my gold making experience! You don't have to be a gold maker to use these though, some of them benefit all players and can speed up your gameplay.


Ackis Recipe List - See what recipes you are missing: This addon has saved me so much time, now I no longer have to wowhead every recipe I miss to see where to get it. This addon, after scanning your profession, will list every recipe you haven't learned, where to get it and if you are eligible for it (aka if you have the reputation or not).

Altoholic - Allows you to view info about your alts: This addon is great because every time you hover over an item it will show you how many of them you have in total, as well as where they are E.G your guild bank, your alt, your mailbox, the auction house. If you, like me, want to make sure you have say 20 of each gem on your bank alt, when you log onto your jewelcrafter and hover over gems in your profession screen it will tell you how many are on your bank alt, so you can craft the right amount to get back to 20!

Auctionator - Simple buying and selling on the AH: What a time saver, if you search a term in it's auction house screen it will least the cheapest of each item, and how much there is of that item in total on the AH. Great if you get annoyed at the billions of confusing listings on the AH like I do. Also when you drop an item to sell, it automatically shows you all the other listings for that item, and generates a price for you.

Auditor - Tracks gold coming in and going out: I love this addon, it lets me know how much gold i've made and spent during the day in a simple format, no having to open interfaces and search for things. It also lists how you made your gold, whether via the AH or quests or looting mobs, or how much you have spent on repairs, as well as giving you a gold total for all of your alts combined. (See top of page for screenshot)

Bankstack - Does what it says on the tin: With a few simple keys held down it will sort your bank or guildbank for you, it's really neat for combining stacks and organising materials together if you have a lot of them.

Postal - Updated mailbox interface: I don't think I could live without this, it allows you to click "open all" on your mail, then it will automatically empty your mailbox and refresh itself to continue emptying! If you sell a lot of auctions it will save you hours of clicking expired auctions one by one. Very handy for generally emptying your mailbox, I'd advise all players to give it a go. You can even tell it not to open certain kinds of mail!

TradeSkillMaster or TSM - Allows you to customise your auction house: I cannot describe how glorious this addon is, if you are planning to make any large sum of gold I REALLY recommend it. It allows you to do multiple things depending on which subaddons you download for it. You can set up shopping lists; which scans the AH for a premade list of items you have made. You can set up dealfinding lists, it will list all items you have chosen if they are under the price you have specified (great for buying and relisting). You can even set up pricing lists for your auctions, and with a click of a button (and a scroll of your mouse) it will automatically post all your items, undercutting everyone on the AH, and making you some big bucks! It is an in depth addon though, not for the faint hearted. I will make my own post about it in the future but for now there are plenty for guides for it at


Those are the basic addons I use, and I recommend them all! I have used most of them for years and some only for months, but I'd be losing out without them. I hope some of them can help you like they helped me!

I just wanted to say a thanks to all my readers, I seem to be at a stable 80 views per day now and it's only day 4! If you enjoyed reading or have any suggestions, i'd love to hear from you via the comments! If my tips helped you and you think they could help someone else, feel free to share my blog with your friends, gold making doesn't have to be hard for them too!

- Raenboe