Friday, 3 May 2013

The secrets of research & old world materials! - 145k

Hello and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! (hurrah it's a 3 day weekend for the brits)

Sometimes in order to maximize your profit on WoW, you have to do a bit of researching, the more you know the better! Ever since I started making gold I have been bouncing and back between a few websites that have taught them things and made my gold making easier.

1 - The Undermine Journal -
I personally use this site to find the prices of items.
  1. You can look up characters (as well as see your realm's top posters) to see all their currently listed auctions, what type of items they post and what hours of the week they post the most.
  2. You can search for any item and it will tell you how much it costs on your realm, how many are available, what the average price is for your faction and much much more! It's great if you don't know the price of an item you want to sell E.G epics or twink gear. It will also show you how much it costs to craft said item, if it is craftable.. but there is a seperate "crafted" section if you want to look up a whole profession of items at a time.
  3. You can set up market notifications, which will email you when any items you have specified are on your auction house.. great if you are missing recipes!
2 - WoWuction -
I site I use for checking what items sell the most and what I can relist.
  1. "Bargain Hunter" lists rare items currently available on your realm that are cheap enough to be bought and relisted for more, for profits! Includes weapons, armor, mounts, pets and recipes.
  2. Lists each profession, the demand for the items made with it, the material price and how many currently on your AH. This is GREAT, I will explain why later in this post.
  3. Lists overall data about your realm, great if you are looking to move realms and want to know what the economy is like on your future realm.
  4. Has a "broker" which is essentially the same as The Undermine Journals "market notifications".
3 - The Consortium -
 A really useful forum about gold making tips and guides for World of Warcraft and Diablo 3.
  1. A section for players to post their methods of gold making using the auction house, great for checking out what other people sell and what items are hot right now.
  2. A section about speculation; what items will be selling well in the future due to patch notes or new releases.
  3. Even more sections for discussion about addons (great if you don't know what ones to use for gold making) and spreadsheets, yep some people use spreadsheets to calculate profits and it is AMAZING!
There are the three main ones I use, I may go into discussion in the future about other blogs I read and other info sources!


I think a lot of people forget that pre-MoP materials are still in demand, for leveling professions, twink items or general hoarding! So I thought I would share with you some of my personal favorite sellers as well as what I have sold them for.

Cloth can be cheap as hell, but it's a great idea to buy it out and relist a few stacks for 20-100g per depending on what it is. I find Embersilk, Frostweave and Wool are all great sellers! For the cloth you have left over, turn it into items to disenchant, it's one of the best and cheapest ways to acquire enchanting mats whether you are selling them or using them yourself. If you still have materials left over from Cataclysm they still sell really well!

Profession materials are always good to sell. Even if you have to buy them to relist, you can make a heavy profit from flipping. I personally recommend for Jewelcrafting: Shadowgem, Moss Agate & Citrine. For Alchemy I recommend Goldthorn, Netherbloom & Lichbloom.

Also, materials for twink enchants are great. Essence of air can sell for up to 500g per, also golden pearls for 200g per, and crusader orbs (although cheap) are good to stockpile. The best place to farm the essences is at the crystal vale in silithus, you get one every few mobs and you can make a few thousand gold per hour here if you are lucky!

Although I usually refrain from gathering, I've got to say, adamantite ore is great! It can sell for 400g a stack, or if you prospect it you can sell the dusts for 100g each aswell as the gems for 25g each. I've spent a few hours in Nagrand myself farming it, it is really worth it! And it's something level 60-70s can do too!

Twink enchants such as enchant weapon - spellpower/healing power or crusader are all good to sell. Aswell as the agility for daggers!


I am still sticking to just gems, enchants and tailoring PvP gear/blues. As well as any blue boes I get from dailies. Sales have dropped due to it being Friday and everyone out partying, but my gold has still gone up! I did spend a chunk of gold resetting all the cheaper priced gems and enchants on the AH today (that means buying them all and relisting for about 150-300g when they were originally 50-100g)

I'm still not going to be able to add flasks and potions to my sales until I have an alchemist with the correct specialization to get procs. Still, over 20k from just what I am selling isn't bad, and I sold a few other bits and bobs to bring up my gold total.

If you'd like to see what I'm selling then here is my link:

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and don't forget to take advantage of all the cheap deals!

- Raenboe


  1. Nice blog, when I find the time I'm gonna try out your tips tricks.

  2. Some Nice Tips Raenboe. Ill see if I can pull them off and make some nice gold for myself :)