Sunday, 9 June 2013

TSM and the glyph market!

Hi guys,

So I decided to try the glyph market on my new realm, having never done it before. I used TradeSkillMaster and I made a video to share what I have learned. This is my first WoW tutorial video so I am sort of clueless :P I hope it helps you thought!


In other news,

I have decided that I would like to start streaming on This is because the EU barely has any streamers, and I don't even know if it has a gold making stream (I can't find any info on one). So a week or so from now, I will be streaming at if all goes to plan! That way I can show you up close what I do, and answer any questions.

Hope you are enjoying the sun if you've had any!


  1. Congratulations on the successful realm move! I hope you enjoy Stormscale.

    I see the logo has changed. More confident, more finished. No doubt it will morph again, but you're upping your presentation. Nice. :)

    Excellent first video. Your narrative is clearly audible, you're not skipping or glossing over steps, and I could follow everything as you did it.

    I'm not sure that I feel confident to go in and do it myself, though. If someone asked me to summarise what you did, I'd have problems. The video is short enough that I think you'd have an extra minute or two to list the stages before you start, and again as a recap at the end. As best I can do it: "1. Set up Groups (by ink in your case), 2. set price limits (which were the same for all Glyphs, which surprised me), 3. do something with crafting, given a bunch of Ink of Dreams (lost me a bit here, since I never did Inscr, or used the Crafting module), 4. set parameters for what you want to make (also a bit fuzzy, and was that 3. or 4.?) and finally 5. go to the AH and list (which I knew from your previous tutorial!)."

    (And BTW, I noticed that one of your glyphs sold while you were still listing them. That's fast :)

    People will be coming to your videos with various bits of background. Because I started using TSM recently, I wasn't entirely lost, but never having used the Crafting module, I found that area went a bit fast for me.

    No doubt as you stream, you'll get more feedback on what level of existing competence your viewers have, and be able to speak to that.

    1. Thanks Gráinne,

      It is going well!

      Yes I agree with what you are saying, I should state in the video what I am going to cover as well as what addons you will need. I have decided to start right from the beginning with a gold making for dummies type series :) I will make a list of videos and work through it (any input appreciated of course!)

      Thank you for always being so interactive, I appreciate it!