Friday, 14 June 2013

Calling all EU WoWers!


Just a short post, to mention that my level 25 guild is up and running now. So for anyone that is homeless, or wants to learn to make gold, you are more than welcome to join. I'll happily give advice and help you with any gold problems, as well as the usual guild social stuff, if you are already on Stormscale then woop :P if you are not, then you are welcome to make a level 1, purely for chatting purposes, as long as you log on every week or so. Advanced gold makers are welcome to join too, if they want to share their knowledge.

If you are interested in joining, you can whisper me on Stormscale EU Horde side, the guild is called Wealthy on WoW and my toons are called Raenboe, Tufts and Obsolette :)

Hope to see some of you guys around!


P.S I will be hopefully getting a graphics card next week.. as I am black screening every 30 mins or so now (ack!) so the stream will be up soon I hope.. ^^


  1. Hey Raenboe,

    Glad to hear that your graphics woes are on the way to being sorted!

    Thanks for the invite. I hope people take you up on it. I will myself at some stage, but I've been busy this weekend. I had intended to do a long post on your last video, basically saying

    a) it was good. In fact, it would be a great video for a new level 10 or 20, because it covered the very basics well, without any confusing addons. I nver knew that the mail takes a minute to refresh!

    b) nice use of those almost-subliminal subtitles. Gave me a chuckle :)

    c) once again, your voice is clear, not rushed, your narrative does not deviate from topic. This is such a refreshing thing among WoW videos. :) If anything, you could afford to sound a little less careful and a little more hucksterish occasionally, when giving tips, for example.

    d) because it's long, it could do with a time/topic guide below it (Mail at 10:00 - like that)

    e) stop being so self-conscious about the "err"s :) Once you've got some more experience, and write out your points in advance so that when you come to the end of a train of thought, you know you haven't forgotten something, and know what you wanted to say next, it'll go away. Meanwhile, don't worry about it.

    ... but I never got to it :)

  2. hey i would be really really interested in joining:) whats ur in game name and which server are you on?:)