Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The first of many gold making lessons!

Whats up all,

I've started on a series that will teach you all about gold making. So far I've made lesson 1 and lesson 2 will be up within the next few days. This is the total basics of gold making, and it's not exactly "short" ;) but it is full of information for anyone who is lost or new to the game.

Sadly, my streaming is going to be delayed.. I have blown up my graphics card it seems, so I need to raise £80 to buy a new one (which is what people have been recommending to me). I am stupid when it comes to hardware, so my current card is an old Nvidia Geforce GT 230.. and I've been told by several people to upgrade to a AMD Radeon 7770? I don't know if that's good or not, but I have to upgrade my card if I want to stream! :) I've had a bit of donations recently (I really appreciate it, for the new card) but you guys aren't leaving your WoW names or anything so I can't say thanks :( I'd love to give out personalized gold lessons suited to your realm, for those who donate.. so if you are one of those who didn't leave a contact method/name, please get in touch!

Anyways here is the video, as I said.. if you are not new to gold making you may want to skip this one ;).

Again, thanks for all the support!

- Raenboe

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