Monday, 29 April 2013

We're gonna need a bigger boat! - [76k]

Hello once again,

I think one of the most off-putting thoughts about gold making is that you can't do it if you are new. You need high levels.. and professions.. and addons.. and time.. right? Nope! When I was level 22 back in Wrath of the Lich King on my first ever character, I had almost 20k gold. Absurd you may think.. how did I do it?! I looked at the professions available to me and sought out anything that I could make that would appeal to high level players.. and what did I chose? Fishing! Probably not what you expected, but yep I sat on the edge of the river in Howling Fjord and fished for two whole days.. not only did I get to 450 but I also raked in the gold selling my fish on the auction house to feast-needing raid guilds!

An addon I use that really speeds up fishing is FishingBuddy, it always you to just double right click on water to cast out your fishing rod, way faster than having to click the spell!

For all those who have level 90s you are probably thinking agh but you can't do that anymore, low levels can't get to Pandaria. Wrong! A warlock can summon any level character to Pandaria, and you can happily sit on the edge of a body of water and fish away. Be aware, with low level fishing you will catch mainly junk, but as you level up you will catch fish, glorious fish.. that can sell for 20 gold each! And with it taking less than 20 seconds to catch a fish, you can make over 3k an hour if you put your back into it! Of course, fishing is boring as heck, and I'd personally recommend doing it while watching tv or something that doesn't require you to focus on WoW much. As a secondary profession, fishing is one of the money making methods that you don't need to be a high level to max out.. and 1 hour of life for 3.6k is not bad for a low level at all!


Fishing isn't the only thing you can do at low level of course. One of the things I cannot stress enough is don't abuse vendors.. don't sell your cloth and greens and materials.. put them on the auction house! This applies to all levels really, those stacks of cloth can go for 20g-50g each! Green bind on equip items can sell from 50g-400g each! Some of the rare recipe world drops can go for 1k-20k! And to think you nearly vendored that, in one dungeon run alone with a few stacks of cloth and some greens you could be 1k richer! If you don't have the motivation to sell something, just mail it to a bank alt and do it later, there is no rush. A lot of people complain when they get to 70 that they don't have enough for epic flying.. well you would, if you didn't just vendor every item and delete anything the vendor wouldn't buy. Drops are there for a reason, because they are useful to someone out there!

Today I had some good luck selling random bits! I resold a robe for 3k profit aswell as sold some lower level mats. My income from dailies has really been adding up and I got my shaman to make me some flasks which also sold well! I found an unused epic in my bank too which means another haunting spirit, huzzah! If only the price wasn't dropping so quickly..

Never underestimate the power level ilvl 450 blues!

- Raenboe

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