Sunday, 28 April 2013

A new home! - [27k]*

Hi there,

I'm Raen.. and i'm a huge addict when it comes to making gold, credits, coins.. whatever you wanna call cash.. on video games! I thought I may as well make a blog to share some of my methods on WoW, for those who are feeling a little bit broke and can't afford that special item. My tips will cover all types of players, whether you are new and lost or a faithful veteran. I will share with you the items I sell, the addons I use as well as any future patch changes I plan to take advantage of!

I am personally lucky enough to be one of WoW's 1%! I have reached the cap of 1 million gold in a period of under 6 months, on a pretty dead realm (yes the picture is not 999k, I kept some gold on my bank alt). That averages out at 5.5k per day, but I made anywhere from 0k to 35k per day, with minimal effort. I did this by selling profession kits (I will explain about these in another post), level 90 items such as gems and enchants, transmog items, low level trade goods and much more!

Now having moved realm to join a heroic raiding guild, I've had to leave behind all my alts and gold! All I have is my 90 priest and a few thousand gold to pay for my raiding. My current goal is to again reach gold cap, except this time you can accompany me along the way and hopefully, if you follow my tips, meet me on the other side! *I will keep you updated on my current gold total via the number in brackets in the title of every post I make.

It's been a month now since I moved and I didn't realise how quickly my gold would go down once raiding started, but luckily tailoring PvP gear is still selling well.I was also lucky enough to come across a 450 blue while doing my dailies so that helped bring my gold up again.

Also, as I am an enchanter, I was able to get a haunting spirit from a piece of gear and sell it for 16k, giving me a nice chunk of cash to reinvest into materials for my professions. I did also get second spirit but spent the gold from that on battle pets to increase my collection.. yes I love them. Although I regretted it after, haha!

As I can't afford to move all my alts to this realm, I have decided to level them all again with RaF (my partner wants alts too so it works out well). My only concern is having to relearn all my jewelcrafting recipes (1 a day is no fun) so I made the choice to move my 85 shaman here too, upping my professions to 4, which will be a nice start for making some gold.


I hope that you come out of this blog feeling a little bit more motivated to get that mount or achievement and I wish you luck with your gold making! And if you learn a thing or two, well great!

- Raenboe


  1. So wait a sec, you went to a whole new realm, new char everything *fresh start* and in between leveling (not sure what level your new char is now?) you made already 27k? Very interesting!

  2. I think you misunderstood, I mean a fresh start as in leaving my gold behind and attempting gold cap again pretty much from scratch. I did have to bring some gold with me because I am in a heroic raiding guild and that stuff is expensive.. I will be redoing a few of my posts today and will make that a bit clearer!

  3. Ah cool, that explains it more. I must say you've really inspired me to try and follow your guidelines sort of, the most gold I've had was somewhere near the 15k so I have a long way ahead. I've got my first bank alt now (while playing since classic! :P) and looking at ways to 'play the AH' while im going to see if I can start farming some pandaria fish. Maybe I'll even make some videos on youtube to describe the way I'm taking to the gold cap (if I ever reach it! :D).. thanks!