Monday, 8 September 2014

Countdown to Warlords! - Making gold at the end of the expansion

Hi guys!

If you have any questions or need advice feel free to mail me at: or tweet me @wealthyonwow - You can also just comment on this post!

I am so psyched up to blog again, I have been playing beta and I've learned so much about making gold in WoD already! But today I want to talk about live, and making gold right now.

A lot of people (including me) were thinking oh well.. now that WoD has been announced, gold making is going to go out of the window.. GUESS AGAIN! 2 weeks ago, I made a level 1 alt to sell gems and enchants from, so I could track my progress... and low and behold:

88k in 2 weeks? WTF? I know, I thought I was dreaming too. Now first let me point out that this is not the case for all realms, or all gold makers, I just set myself up to make the optimal sales.

I see you there, rubbing your hands together thinking "AH-HA! Now I can afford my challenge mode boost!", well maybe.. just maybe.. you are right! Soo without further ado I will now explain what I have been doing.

PLEASE NOTE TSM USERS: My TSM is currently broken, it will not load realm data in any forms so none of my automated crafting addons work. Therefor I am doing everything manually, but you are welcome to simplify the process if your TSM is working fine.


- TradesSkillMaster addon collection (yes, all the sub-addons too)
- FarmIt2 addon
- (Optional) a bag addon - I use Bagnon
- (Optional) a mail addon - I use Postal
- (Optional) an inventory sorter - I use Jpack
- An internet browser (I assume you have this if you are here...)

So let's start!

1. You are going to need to know what are the best gems and enchants to sell on your realm.. so off we go to the internet! You will need to visit:  <-- best site ever, especially as TUJ is now offline.

2.  In the top right hand corner click to find your realm, then type it in the search box and pick your region and faction, this will load up all the data for your realm.

3. Click the professions tab and choose whatever you want to use, I am using jewelcrafting for this guide.

4.  Click the second tab "product analysis" to load information about all the jewelcrafting items.

5. Click the arrow under "Sold/day" to sort the table of items by the most popular items that sell the most each day.

Et voila you have an awesome table showing you exactly what sells on your realm and if it is profitable to craft! So we have this bunch of information, now what do we do with it?

6. Back to WoW! If you have installed FarmIt2 you should notice a little bar in the middle of your screen with + and - to add or remove slots in the bar. Seeing as this isn't a tutorial on how to set it up (I'll do that another time) if you type "/farmit config" it will show you what you can do with the bars.

With a bit of messing about you can have a neat layout. What I have tried to do here is to make a huge table of all the gems and enchants that sell 6+ of on my realm per day, it's up to you how you sort yours out.

Now if you go back to your WoWuction table, you can see how many of each item sell per day. This is a little hard to explain but in order to make the table above here is what I did:
- on WoWuction type the name of a gem EG Primrodal Ruby in the search bar
- sort it by sold/day
- if it sells more than 6 a day I drag the gem onto my table in-game
- I put the gems in order from left to right of what sells the most to what sells the least

So in the above picture, all the gems sell 6+ per day and the most popular ones are on the left and the least popular are on the right.

7. Now I aim to have 20 of each item in my table when I "restock" so I relog to my JC or Enchanter and make enough so I have 20 of everything for my level 1, as to not go higher than a stack and waste space in my bag. You can use the TSM restocker but as I explained it's broken for me so I do it manually.

8. So now I have everything ready to sell I just have to sell it. Again I'm sorry but this isn't a tutorial for TSM, I will do one of those another time. But I make groups seperately for each gem and set the minimum price the same as the uncut gem (as my 15% proc chance from transmuting covers the AH fees) I set it to post 4 stacks of 1 of each gem for 12 hours, it's not worth posting for more than 12 hours as you will get undercut. It's up to you what your normal/max price is I go for around 300-500g

9. So now I have my gems, my TSM set up and I'm ready to post. I will repost my auctions maximum once every 15 mins but obviously you don't need to do it that much, I am just trying to maximize my profit as I get undercut a lot. The more you repost the more you sell, I have made 20k on a reset day from camping the AH with gems and enchants, or 2-3k if I only post once.

So post away and I hope you sell some stuff! You should only be posting the best things that sell on your realm so, hopefully you should make some gold!

I am sorry that this guide is quite simple, but if it was a wall of text it would probably be quite boring.

If you have any questions or need advice feel free to mail me at: or tweet me @wealthyonwow - You can also just comment on this post!

Thanks a lot guys!



  1. The Undermine Journal is back online if you didn't know. Brand new layout and code too!

    1. I didn't realise it would be back up so early, that's great to hear. From what I previously heard though it's only US for now though right?

  2. Yea its US only right now, but if you visit the blog You will see that he decided to start collecting EU data and so you should see that data in about 2 weeks.

  3. Welcome back, Raenboe! :) Great start.

    I'm just downloading Beta now, so have no idea how the gold situation, and especially the Professions/Garrisons interaction, is likely to look In Warlords, so I'll be reading eagerly.

    And thanks, Max, for the news about tUJ. It's great to see it coming back in time for the release.

  4. Hey, Did you know that you don't really need farm it? You can Just use Tradeskillmasters Crafting operations. You set a crafting operation to say craft max 20 and when you sell say 6 gems, you open up your profession and click the restock queue button and then it will auto queue 14 gems to craft and all you have to do is hit the button and it begins crafting.

    1. Oops, I meant to say auto craft 6, not 14

    2. Yeah I do know that, sorry I forgot to mention that I'm on two seperate accounts (one has my profs on, and the other my level 1 bank alts) so TSM doesn't transfer data between the two accounts and the old method that worked with 1.0 doesn't work with 2.0. Also the fact I am not crafting all gems, only ones that sell well at the time which changes fairly often so repeatedly changing groups is a bit lame.

  5. Are you still running a guild where everyone's welcome ?

    1. Hi there, I'm not longer on Stormscale EU I'm now on Mazrigos EU but I am still in a guild where social players can join and it's a really nice place, I've been there 3 or so months now :) If you want to join just type /who pain in the adds - and then ask if anyone can invite, I am there most of the time ^^